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Monday, April 1, 2013

It's Just Another Coati Mundi

Manic Monday: Stuck in a Negative Vortex somewhere near Sedona, Arizona.
Goldie goes to a different Ford Doctor this morning, about 20 miles down the road in Cottonwood. It was a small town back in '73,  a place my dearly departed mom and dad decided to call home. These days, Cottonwood is a mess...a sprawling retirement traffic jam of Senior Citizens and the worker bees who serve them. Thus, I have been coming and going from the Verde Valley (named for the Verde River that flows through it—green as grass) since my parents moved here. 

Mingus Mountain's foothills are now pregnant with single family homes...creeping ever higher with each passing year. View Castles now proliferate what used to undulate with unspoiled virginity. That's called "progress" nowadays; so what else is new. Too many boomers loving places to death. Maybe I'm one of the "fornicators" too, only Lovely Ouray is my "Cottonwood."

I was assured on by Holmes-Tuttle Ford in Tucson that they would work to make this right...that is, if the problem turns out to be straight forwardly their fault/mistake. If so, they will accept responsibility for the repairs made in Cottonwood. That sounded reassuring on the phone last Good Friday, but today is April Fool's Day, so we'll see if they put their money where their mouth is. It's a tough job being a cynical "glass half full" person, but it's the one thing I excel at. We can't all be Mary Poppins. 

Meanwhile, we will likely end up spending yet another night in a Bedbug and Breakfast. This "one day job" will undoubtedly find a way to stretch into two. Bobbie insists that Ford should be responsible for that expense. Me? I'll be happy if Goldie just stops bleeding and we can move on to Moab's red dirt.

It seems the older I get the better I am at chocking undesirable events and outcomes, at least the ones I have little or no control over, right back into the almighty face of the Universe (spit!).

Now, back to more pleasant times, biking and hiking in Chiricahua... starting with a bike ride on the backroad to Portal and Paradise...

Camp Marauder Coatimundi

It's not just about how rocks "stand" in Chiricahua... it's about how they fall. Off the trail in a few places we found hundred ton boulders that had toppled into holes... suspended in animation like Easter Eggs in a cradle. It was an erie feeling to stand beneath "eggs" so loaded with potential energy. Me thinks Sedona is not the only place one can feel the "energy" of Vortices. 
Or, maybe it was just fear...for going around spiting in the face of the Universe... 

Take careful note of what we found...

Those who are "right with the Lord" have no fear of falling down rocks...


  1. butterbean carpenterApril 1, 2013 at 12:42 PM

    Howdy Y'all,
    How is Bobbie holding up that slab??
    Has anyone you know or heard tell of ever been around when one of those 'balanced' rocks fell??? I know lots of folks who hike the desert and have never heard them say the saw or heard one fall or slip!! Thank you, so very much for your wonderful cameramanship!!! I think you could of caught it, tho!!!

  2. Man I love those crazy massive boulders! What is it about rocks???

  3. Very clever title! And I must say I really liked this post a lot for some reason. Maybe the words!

    Again, amazing pictures!! So enjoy going through them.

    Good Luck with Goldie!!!

  4. That's what you call being between a rock and a hard place! Great pics!

  5. Amazing stuff. You just have to shake off the bad things that are happening with Goldie and continue to enjoy these great places that you are seeing. I hope all goes well with the Ford dealer.

  6. Yep, like that B&W header alright. Liked the Mary Poppins analogy. Too many of those darn types out here for my liking. Brought our Motorhome over Mingus Mountain through Jerome by mistake a few years back. That's one of my big memories of that area. Ended up just outside of Cottonwood at Dead Horse State Park that time, Might have been back late 08.

  7. What an amazing place! Thanks for the wonderful photos!


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