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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Botanical Gardens: Alcohol Free Mental Health Aids For Prisoners of War In Siberia

Sitting by the fire, gazing out the Imax Windows...watching it snow. My second cup of coffee is down to its last swallow and the Idea Fairy plays hooky from the right segments of my brain...which leaves me half-witted when it comes to penning philosophically rich prose and poetry that might help tread-millers make it to Hump-Day. Perhaps now would be a good time to jot down a few notes on how to record TV shows on the DVR, so we can skip through the vast wasteland of mind-numbing banality that occupies an ever-increasing portion of said shows...of which there are only about three that remain worth watching. Please pardon me while I go look for a Kindergartener who can assist me with the absolute befuddlement of programming instructions.

So while I go in search of a young mind...wait on Ms Idea Fairy to make her scheduled appointment...and while snow re-accumulates on the outdoor deck and lawn...those that overlook the sodden springtime grayness invading The Crevice, here are a few sunnier photos from Tucson's Botanical Gardens. 

Gee, if it keeps snowing like this maybe Lakes Powell and Mead will have a shot at refilling.     


  1. I prefer the colorful gardens with butterflies to more snow. Yet do hope for melt to add to the lakes.

  2. Walden Creek Rv steveApril 23, 2013 at 7:18 PM

    Mark-- meanwhile= Duke sits empty in Melbourne for 2 weeks as I am in Wisc!! Found a 79.00 flight May 6 for 79.00(Minn - Florida) -still deals around if you search hard enough) and wear all your clothes -no luggage- wearing 8 pairs of underwear is a little uncomfortable to say nothing about 5 sweaters! take care-

  3. I certainly the snow stops soon. We have reservations in Estes Park at the beginning of June. They'll be shoveling snow still at this rate.

    Beautiful photos!! Glad to see some flowering cactus.

    Stay warm!!

  4. This is a rare pleasure, to see you flexing your photography muscles in new directions such as close-ups, insects, and texture. It seems like whenever you do, the results are excellent and exciting.


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