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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Risky Business

Just a note to let you know that we made it from the Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, to Bluff, Utah, yesterday. Goldie's tranny continues to weep; not so much a tearful blubber as it is a near dry-eyed whimper, at least as long as I'm motoring down the road. It's more when I stop, and leave the old girl in drive that really gets her tears to puddling.

Being that Bluff is the Indian Petroglyph and Ruins capital of the west, if not the world, and about halfway to our home in Lovely Ouray, we'll slow down here to smell a few last "roses"...maybe find a boondock and seek out a few antiquity-type treasures for show and tell. 

Whatever Goldie's problem is, it doesn't seem to be getting any worse with time. We will move cautiously, seek out only level boondock spots, and see what happens. Your comments and support is much appreciated. It has been difficult to answer personally, what with my black and white mood and poor to nothing internet signal. Thanks for being patient and understanding.


It's weird, there are many adventures and photos from southern Arizona awaiting debut, but I find myself jumping in and out of chronology like a too hot bath. In keeping with that I bring you Devil's Bridge...still standing, but for how long? There are a good many people that can't bring themselves to walk this arial isthmus (I won't mention names; you know who you are). 

My left brain is fully aware that Devil's Bridge will collapse one fine day...probably under the weight of huffing and puffing tourists, fresh from an all-you-can-eat-breakfast bar at The Vortex Inn. But there is another "thalamus" portion of my brain that requires stimulation, and if it doesn't get what it needs it refuses to push my "Happy Button." Now the "Happy Button" is located right next to the "Stupid Button," so you see the problem...
Mark and Bobbie...
winding down (stalling) one day's drive from home.

This green guy was soooo fast...running lickity split from the underside of one rock to another. We couldn't identify a blur, so I tried to pan with him and shoot a photo after Maikel turned over his stone. I didn't think I got him, but there he is!
A collard lizard, we think... tho it's hard to tell at 200 mph.

Happy Button? or Stupid Button? Either way, it's all good...what is a life lived without risk? Boring.

Another "secret" balanced rock...  but Susan can't find it :)


  1. A piece of cold pizza would be a guaranteed incentive, any day of the week, to get me to walk that bridge....what a wicked backdrop in your photos!

  2. And you gotta show me those gorgeous pictures! Me, who is sooo fond of Utah and the Red Rocks and ME who is just done with another looong journey. Yeaaahh.. one day I will return to the Red Rocks.

  3. Yowza! That's a collared lizard. Nice photo. Can I steal? And by the way... I know who I am too :)

  4. Well Crap...I think Goldie is upset that Sue-Bee is no longer following you folks along.."They" do have feelings you know...
    I have had Roadside Assistance for many years, it's now Good Sam..I have used them 5x over 10yrs. One time getting my snowplow unstuck from my own driveway.
    It's $125. a yr maybe $79-$99. for new timers. If you purchase it with a credit card you may be covered now!.The best thing for them is "Unlimited" mileage!
    I am like you folks, usually out in the middle of nowhere, it could make you feel better about the ride home?
    Good luck,

  5. I'd say that collared lizard was pretty smart running that fast over that fragile looking arch. More brains than some.

    Enjoy a slow ride.

  6. So glad you made it home safely. Now it is repair time!

    We loved Devil's Bridge!! Such an amazing structure. Sedona was such a great time between the hiking and Jeep trails.

  7. Safe travels, Mark & Bobbie. So sorry to hear of your travails. -Scamps

  8. DEFinitely the Happy Button! Who wouldn't rather have it all end in such a place as "Devil's Bridge" rather than on the interstate or the old folks home? At least they could say "The devil made him do it." haha!

    At first, I thought that was you and Bobbie in the backdrop of the pizza photo. I was laughing because Maikel has that look on his face like, "Yeah...I am eating your pizza, Bro, and there is not a damned thing you can do about it from over there!" haha! (but then I realized you were behind the camera...duh!)

  9. Sorry to hear about the transmission. Hope you make it home and that it does not cost an arm and a leg to fix. It's always something.


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