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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Benchwarmer Gets Back Into The Game: CPR For The Soul

Every Spring, while half the world busies itself with Renewal and Life...awakening from the cold, dark blight of winter...getting outdoors instead of reading blogs (as they should), the Wanderer seems to go out of sync with the Universe. Sometimes, like when I've just come off the road and everybody else is still out playing...and another monster snowstorm is baring down...and readers have better things to do, it feels as if a collective Yawn goes up from the Cosmos; apathy (pathos?) regarding my life-choices, objectives and purposeful intentions. Maybe I should just suspend the BCB till Mud Season is over.

When the BCB product loses its pulse, insecurity seeps into The Valleys of the Shadows. I feel like a "bench warmer" hitting the oxygen mask...trying to feel part of the game...and to make matters worse, there's nobody in the stands. 

Then, out of the blue Colorado sky, an encouraging email manages to break through cobwebs and fall into dust that coats the bottom of my inbox (Poof!). Coach screams, "Johnson! Get your helmet on and go in for Fleming...he's lost out there and it's killing us." 
This lovely note is from Nicole in San Francisco.

Hello  Mark , I have to tell you how much I enjoy your blog  I read it from the shout box  of George and ms tioga  the two only blogs  i don't go sleep without reading Thank for sharing  so many interesting to me places to visit , I'm a bus driver for a local transit in the Bay  area , planning  retiring  in the next three months, I'm planning to go to some of the places  you wrote about, I have been working on the same job for the past 33 years, (very long hours   every day day  ) my my mind needs to learn how to be free  again) Thanks to your  great ability to describe  places , will be easy start  visiting , some of   them so many of the places  that write  about ,I have been to but  some forty years ago, will be fun see the change or hopefully not so much change. (Also please pardon , English ,  it is a learned how to speak language , writing is a new adventure  for me
, one of the reasons of  writing to you is,, can I borrow couple of your picture of the Saguaro Cactus of the Sonora Desert to put them in my face book,???) Thank you  and keep  enjoying life  it is contagious  and I 'm  in great need of it.
-- NG 

Thanks for the CPR, Nicole, what a beautiful, uplifting, and well-timed note. You made my day week :)

Flashback photos are from a Sedona hike with Wiseones. Have a great weekend everybody!
Mark and Bobbie in Lovely Ouray...waiting on the next snowstorm: ETA, Midnight...


  1. Waiting out a blizzard???? I know you came home for Goldies repair but I have to ask you if maybe a later Spring arrival would better suit your soul in the future.

    Get pictures by the way! Yep, readers comments often pick me up just when I need it most!

  2. Don't get discouraged. I always read, but don't always comment. Your posts are always good - you are a good writer. And the pictures are always beautiful.

  3. Laverne here:

    See! I am not the only one enjoying your pictures and your blogs! Your blogs are fun to read, along with loads of good info, and your pictures are fun to see and inspiring to anyone. Take care of Lovely Ouray. Hope to get back for a visit soon.

  4. elaine@hymnserve.comApril 13, 2013 at 1:32 PM

    That's wonderful, Mark!

  5. Walden Creek RV steveApril 13, 2013 at 7:53 PM

    Bus driver from Bay area-- welcome to the best blog around- We BCB followers have been here for years- BUT Mark and Brian-- SORRY but Florida wins this week-end! Ft Lauderdale was rocking with fun!!Walden Creek RV steve

  6. Just love all your pictures and especially the Red Rock of the Sedona area.
    Keep warm and enjoy your snow storm.

  7. I too am somewhat of a lurker, reading your blog, enjoying your pictures but not often commenting. I don't always know what to say as I can only say "WOW" in one language! Your photos are incomparable and they never fail to make my heart happy.

  8. Isn't it nice to have influence. I think all us bloggers need our egos stroked to keep on posting. Gorgeous red rock. Stay warm.

  9. Though I don't comment often, I feel your blog is one of the best written out there. Very heartfelt and insightful as well as having amazing photos! Keep em coming Mark!

  10. We all appreciate comments on our blog. Your's is exceptional; poignant, funny, and excellent photography.

  11. Howdy B&M,
    Snow in CO??? hee hee All of your pics are great, especially with your #1 model in them.. I just read an article yesterday about Ford tranny's and you are very lucky, some have had them CHANGED-OUT 3-4 times!!! We enjoy BCB and the pics, which are NG quality, almost every day!!! Hope y'all make it thru the blizzard okay!!!
    butterbean carpenter

  12. Well, not only do you inspire with your stunning photos and eloquent prose, but you also make us "newbies" out here aspire to be better bloggers. ;-) You are equally generous with the "tips" in the tip jar as you are appreciative, and that support means almost as much as the entertainment factor!

  13. Klb Explores,
    Thanks...a later date might work better. It depends on the weather we ride out in Utah :)) Often as bad or worse as here.

    Thank you, Teri...
    "Discouraged" is in my DNA...don't like setbacks, delays, failures. That makes my "ride" a little bumpy sometimes, and I dump it on paper. Sorry.

    I know you are out there and it gives me peace. Just need to realize Life is not a straight line when plotted on a graph. Thanks for being there.

    The letter was very cool...

    Walden Steve,
    Have fun in your sun, Steve...rock out, as you say. We'll "rock out" in a different way when you return to Ouray. :))

    Geo and Suz,
    Thanks. I hope your Canadian weather is better than ours.

    Donna K
    I appreciate your comment and that you "WoW" my photos. :)) Thank you...

    Yes, most bloggers have "vanity issues." :))
    "Look at meeee, I'm special." Yeah, you're right.

    My heartfelt thanks...
    You seem to have a dedicated following and lots of commenters. It's a double edged sword when you try to answer each one. You do a good job there...some days I don't have the time nor energy.

    Still howlyns,
    Thanks, guys...
    Poignant, eh...just what I was shooting for :))

    I hope we are not going to be plagued with tranny issues forever... but I've heard similar tales. Yet some never experience any problems...

    "Tips" are just my way of giving back. It won't get me to Heaven, but it feels good. I am enjoying your Newbie Tales of Fulltime living in your RV. Keep up your great and oft humorous posts!


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