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Friday, April 19, 2013

When Chaos Supplants Natural Order...The Fragility Of Dreams

Here is an analogy with multifarious applications. Today, I apply it to my aversion to substandard weather: Life is a lot like baking a cake. Always indulge the batter...just in case you end up burning the cake. Of course one runs the risk of ending up with a tummy ache and a smaller cake (or, in my case, a cupcake (burp)), but they own the great satisfaction of having stayed on the offensive and lived in the moment...that you not only stopped to "smell roses," you gobbled them down while you could!

That is a "glass half full" way of saying, when chaos strikes (and it always does) you got to shake n bake, wade right into it...make Lemon Meringue Pie out of your "lemons." 

Turning serious for a moment, I realize that there are far more important challenges in Life than coping with foul weather. Kelly and Al over at The Bayfield Bunch are dealing with the chaos of health issues, while Ms Explorer at Back Porch View, on the verge of realizing her long held dream of living free on the road in a vintage travel trailer, after selling her house and near all her worldly possessions in a mad rush to close...gets a last minute call that the deal fell through; the buyer lost his job. Then Al and Karen at  Wish Upon An RV Star are on hold with atrial fibrillation issues (Al)...and Jim, of Jim and Gayle's Life's Little Adventures comes down with blood clots in his leg. 

Dreams are fragile creations. There are so many years and "ifs" that it's a small miracle we ever realize them. As fragile as dreams, is Life itself. One day everything is fine, the next, we are dealing with something serious...and the weather isn't even relevant.

I whine about the weather more than I should. It could be worse. Bobbie and I made some "lemonade" with a wind-chilled hike up a snowy Oak Creek Trail...three hours to count our blessings and live in a "moment" while we still can. You know you are growing old and wise when you begin to appreciate bad weather. It's better than no weather at all. 

We hope and pray for our RV friends...that these things pass, that they can get back to their Dreams in short order.   

The White Plague... "in your face."


  1. Thanks Mark for your kind words.... I am still moving forward. When I realize my dreams is not entirely up to me but I have my health so I have everything I need. I often hear of plans made in jello from fellow RVers. I'll take my jello in shots please!!!

  2. Glad you are embracing the beauty in that amazing scenery. You certainly have a perfect location. Love your views!

  3. I may be a bit "Cold Hearted" for some... but The lesson I see to be learned is; waiting is a recipe for a burnt cake. Adding that last dime to the 401K isn't gonna change ANYTHING of your life on the road or any other ambition...

    Maybe even that last four dollars!

    But if you fall over... kaput... While squeezing out that last dime, or that last bit of perfectionalizing your situation... the TIME that last dime and tinkering took... could prove disastrous. Go Now! Do it Now! You'll have eons to "Wait" when they stuff you in a box.

  4. I used to repeat the mantra "Don't put off to tomorrow, what you can do today" to stop my procrastination of paperwork - NOW, I know it has an alternate meaning.

  5. Hmmm looks so wonderful and white in those pictures, kinda cold too, looks like you might be enjoying yourself?

  6. Wow! Where'd ya get all THAT? Still, there is a lot of beauty in your chaos...glad you still have an eye for it after this crazy spring! (Closet hinges are getting a work out here from changing from fleece to flip-flops and back so frequently!)

    Nice shout-out to those less fortunate in the RV community, so the rest of us know to keep them in our thoughts...

    Can't you stick some microbrews down in that snow to organize some of that chaos? haha!

  7. Beauty can be found in foul weather as seen in your pictures!

  8. Stunning photos,good advice. Couldn't have said it better than Brian...

  9. Laverne here:

    This is what I call a winter wonderland. Great photo's, thanks for sharing them with all of us.

  10. Funny how all the bad in our own lives becomes paltry when we look at others. A very good reason to live in the Now.

  11. Klb Explores,
    Your attitude is good, considering the disappointment. Health problems realign our priorities pretty darn fast...it's why I always say, "It could be worse." Hang In.

    John and Pam,
    We have three Big Screen Imax Windows in the living/dining room to take in views of Lovely Ouray and the mountains that cradle her. Clouds have descended again today, and we are in the "fog of war" with Old Man Winter.

    CowBoy Brian,
    I know your "sermon" well..."you can sleep when your dead." It's a balancing act for most. Throwing "caution" to the wind takes a big leap of faith, and you are the Poster Boy for that leap.

    Yes, most people only apply that mantra to work...it also applies to unfulfilled dreams. Good on you.

    Geo and Suz,
    Truth or Dare? I do like a good fresh snow to cover the dirt and grime and mud of spring. But it postpones summer, waiting for it to melt, eh?

    Thanks for checking in! Brian doesn't beat around the bush, for sure.

    You are welcome! Lovely Ouray would look good to you in any old dress :))

    Now, is the only time in which we have the ability to live...and it's a VERB!

  12. Suzanne,
    "MIcrobrews" in snow does improve my outlook on winter...for a little while :))

  13. Mark great photos. I would enjoy it sitting inside having a beer and watching you shovel snow.

    I couldn't agree with Brian more which is why we retired and hit the road the week before I turned 59. Wish it had been 49 or even 39.

    A large focus of my life has been anticipating and minimizing risk whether that be health, financial or security. Too much focus in my view but we are who we are.

    I knew I was never protected from death and or the vagaries of disease. For over 30 years I have lived with a vegetarian diet and plenty of exercise in the hopes of living well to the end which was the opposite of the way I lived for the first 30 years.

    Have to admit that the things that have been happening to me over the past few years and months have pissed me off. But in the end I realize it is all the roll of the dice. We have some control but not as much as we might like.

    The past 4 plus years on the road has been a great experience and I hope it will continue. We have met some great people and had good times with them. We have enjoyed some spectacular places and, yes Boonie, even scenery. Most importantly had some great beers.

    For someone who has never suffered from ambition I have been pretty lucky.

    My motto is, we are all just killing time till we're dead. What we make of the project is up to us.

    By the way, you and Bobbie helped make last summer one of our best. Thanks for that.


  14. Jim of Jim and Gayle,
    Your motto is much like mine, "The Clock Ticks..."
    No matter how one puts it, "killing time," watching the "clock," listening to the "bell toll," we have one shot. "The mountain doesn't care, nor does the Universe...it's why kids die from cancer and it rains on the just and the unjust.

    The older we get, the more we realize how fortunate we are to wake up every morning with the opportunity to take a step toward our dreams...no matter what they are. Like CowBoy said, "security" issues can keep you in the "corral" too long. If you want to see what lies beyond the fence you must risk the food and water within the fence. The more true this is for you, the braver you must be.

    Sometimes, a brush with death is what it takes to make us jump into Life...to appreciate it and live it as if it won't last forever.
    Thanks for your philosophical viewpoint...

  15. Mark, don't forget how important that "white plague" is to Colorado's reserviors. And, of course, we need to keep the Colorado river flowing to keep the pools full in L A and the fountains bubbling in Las Vegas.

    Chris H

  16. Chris,
    Not to mention all those light bulbs lit in Vegas :(
    I think the snowpack is just about caught up to "Average" thanks to the cold and snow of late.
    Thanks Chris...I'm with you!


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