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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home Sweet Home, Just In Time For Spring Snow n Blow

Say it isn't so...we made it home to Lovely Ouray on Saturday; but Ouray isn't so Lovely today. You see, every spring Utah pays a visit to western Colorado...in the form of red dust born on jet-stream winds. Sitting in our driveway, iPhone to ear, listening to Maikel of the Wiseones describe the Red Menace out their Airstream windows in Valley of the Gods, I was about to be thankful that we bailed early. That's when skies over The Crevice began to darken...an erie reddish brown. Then it started to rain, streaking the windshield with rivulets of red slurry. Gee, what a welcome spring hath wrought. 

And this morning it snows...supposed to keep it up off and on through Saturday. When Maikel asked me how it felt to be home I told him that, all in all, we had escaped five months of winter (not counting the snow in Madera Canyon) and with the help of God and the Ouray Hot Springs Pool...104 degrees of liquid bliss... I thought I could make it till May. Of course it will snow in May too, and June, and some years, even July. But, I'm in my Lazy Boy Recliner, sitting by a nice warm fire, and, as of the period at the end of this sentence, not missing my rather ill Lazy Daze. Check back at the end of this post, though, as two snowplows just went by and Lovely Ouray is draped in a funeral cloth of clouds and white plague (sniff).

Condolences to Susan and Maikel. We have ridden out our share of "Desert Storms" in Utah...dust so fine that RV windows are rendered useless as tits on a boar hog (Sorry, I'm feeling lazy...I really should be able to come up with a better metaphor than that!). Let me see if I can find a photo to illustrate the point. Be right back.

Here it comes...batten down the hatches!

I'm still digging that red dust from ears and navel. Good luck Wiseone's.

I am working on a post...Reflections from The Road; nothing as exciting, provocative or "hip" as Beatnik-er Kerouac, you understand, just the old tug of war between "Home" and "Highway," hearth and Honda 2000, long hot showers and quicky sponge baths. The "war" will no doubt be declared a draw...some people need both Home and Road, some, one or the other, a few neither...any old box under a bridge will do. They are the lucky ones, all their possessions fit in a shopping cart.

There are many stories and adventures left untold from this winter's escape. I will drizzle them in as "spice" is needed...to overcome the wait for summer in the mountains. It was unique this year in that we spent most of the winter playing with Susan and Maikel...likeminded RV'ers who enjoy mountain-biking, hiking, exploring, traveling, potluck picnics...and the list goes on (did I mention IPA's?). 

A while back I wondered out loud about Boonie's idea of an RV caravan...if it could work. I now have my answer...it can work, but there are "buts" to be dealt with. People are different, no matter how "likeminded," and RV'ers are "people." I'm surprised at how well it worked with Susan and Maikel, to be honest. I guess we were having to much fun to get tired of each other. 

I might try to reproduce this success (or not)...recruit a few more outdoor oriented RV'ers to join in and recreate, wine, and dine together amongst fine landscapes...maybe not fulltime, but at least from time to time. I'd like to see how it works, if it could be expanded. Could be that we are too different, too set in our RV ways. Don't know unless we try; don't know if anyone would even be interested...too "scary," too many "what ifs," too risky. 

Yeah, maybe you are right...maybe I should forget about it. I think a "rally" is silly, anyway. Rallies based on RV brands, Newbies, 4 wheel driving, and so on, just doesn't interest Bobbie and yours truly. "All we wanna do is have some fun," just wanna hike n' bike n' explore with others who want to do the same. The RV doesn't matter so much, but the activity does. What could be more simple? (a genius level Sudoku puzzle comes to mind). So I probably won't do it...it's a dumb idea.  I might, however, drop a plain-as-day hint as to where we might be next November, just to see who shows up...you know, to hike and bike around Zion (hint, hint). But I probably won't even do that.

Now here is a photo teaser...the rest will be on the next edition of the BCB. As always, Bobbie and appreciate your attendance and commentary...be it supportive or contrary. I have been remiss in commenting on your thoughts recently; call of the outdoors, you know, and time is a limited commodity. I will try to do better now that we are "home." 

As I commented on Bayfield Al's homecoming post today, "There's no place like home when you have been on the road...and no place like the road when you have been at home." Tis a wonderful dilemma :)

Mark and Bobbie...watching it snow in Lovely Ouray.

Towers at the upper portion of "lower Mule Canyon."


  1. Happy to see you and Goldie made it home before the bad weather.
    You've hinted too much, we've already made our reservations for November. And don't dismiss the "RV brand" rallies. We've made some great like-minded friends by attending Lazy Daze get-togethers, and yes we felt the same way you do before we went to one. You should try it sometime! Maybe at Quartzsite next January? (hint, hint)

  2. sitting in the Wyoming wind rocking the rig for the past 24 hours... that apparently got lost and took a detour through central California on the way to kicking up the Utah dust to drop it on Ouray...

    Zion in November huh... let's see... Beet Harvest in the Dakota's in October... race to NASCAR in early November... well... it's possible! ;)

  3. New to your storefront...but I'd paid a six-pack of IPA's for a day of hiking to suck a little SW environmental knowledge. By November, we should have broke passage that way yonder :O)

  4. Lazy Boy vs. Lazy Daze... Hmmmn. Looks like you have the best of both worlds! -scamp

  5. Mark- Bobbie-- Nice to know you made it back to lovely Ouray- Thanks for letting us enjoy the trip!

  6. If only there were more active RVers who put out the welcome mat, like you guys do, and HAVE, for several years now. Just keep doing what you are doing. Don't get discouraged if the response is only 20% as good as you hoped.

  7. Glad you made it home safely and are resting on your chair! Enjoy!

  8. Welcome home! Zion in November might fit into the end of my canyon season.

  9. So glad Goldie brought you home to the Lovely !!!! Sure sorry for the conditions tho... I guess welcome back to it! Here in south central Kansas tonight we are in a severe thunderstorm watch and a winter weather advisory both at the same time! And just as I typed that some form of liquid started on the roof... Sit an extra minute in the pool for me, would ya?

  10. Several years ago my friends and I had a casual camping group. We met through work (most of us were educators) or a square dancing club some of us belonged to at the time. One person would pick a destination and we'd all head on out. We went about once a month. Once we arrived at camp, everyone was welcome to do their own thing. Some liked to hike & bike. Others liked to hang out at camp playing games, telling stories, or reading. Some liked to be active others liked more quiet activities. Anyone could join any activity. Or not. Some were early birds and others slept in. We went river rafting. We went square dancing. We went off roading. We went on scavenger hunts. We quilted. It was all fun. No classes. We did get together for meals....or at least dinner. We all live in San Diego, so we camped by the beach, in the mountains, or in the desert. Sometimes we boondocked. Sometimes we had full hookups. Sometimes we caravanned to the location and sometimes we just met up at the campground. Mostly we weekend camped as we were working folks then. But, sometimes we went on longer trips. What made our group work was the lack of organization. Aside from picking a destination or maybe a theme for dinner, there was little organization involved. You're right when you say that people are different no matter how like minded they are. But, I've been friends with my camping buddies for well over 30 years. Not everyone camps these days, but we keep in touch and we all share many, many happy memories. So, give your idea a try. It's an excellent one.

  11. I Love that Idea. Not in an RV yet alltho did it for two years long ago and plan to again soon for who knows how long. I think the more possibilitys for get togethers, the better. Cause you cant always be where one is so you can maybe make another. Love you blog !

  12. Jim and Gayle,
    Yeah! You risk-takers you! :)
    I think you will be pleased (or pissed) at the biking opportunities around Virgin, Utah (you don't mind pushing your bikes a little bit do you?).
    And I didn't mean to pee on all RV rallies...Any thing that get's people together, at home, or on the road, is a good thing...unless it's political in nature :)) Thanks guys...invite your friends, too.

    CowBoy Brian,
    Shall we hike The Narrows again :)) Yee Haa!

    Cozy girl,
    That a deal, a six'er of IPA's...Lagunita's, preferably!
    Show up...it will be a lovely, colorful autumn in the high desert :))

    Walden Steve,
    You R welcome! and due for a trip out west.

    Wow! Thanks, pal...you are now back on the "Love" side of our Love/Hate relationship (grin).
    The only thing that would make it better is if you would commit to showing up...no dental excuses, fuel expense, full calendar, doggie problems...nothing! Just do it! I have two boondocks all picked out for you...one on the Mesa and the other right behind the Virgin River RV Resort...
    and BTW, if 20 percent of my readers show up, we're in trouble. Yikes, I might have to bail...too many people...too much responsibility....!!!! :))

    John and Pam,
    Thanks, the chair still fits my big ass :))

    Agreed! Home and Road... I should start a publication.

    Bring your hiking shoes... :))

    Meow Momma,
    As bad as things are here, they do have a way of getting worse out on the plains. You must be brave to live there...especially in RV's. Be safe!

    Sandy Bee,
    I think I know your sister, "Spelling,"
    Thanks for your comment. I think your success demonstrates the most important RULE NUMBER ONE!!!
    Everyone does only what they want to do. There is no mandate to hike, or bike, or potluck, or partake of the bubbly... Ok, you must partake of the bubbly... but beyond that, just show up and have fun!!! Do your own thing and only participate in the outings when is sounds like a good idea and you are in the mood!
    Looseness, will be the key to having a good time. Hell, I want to go hike alone sometimes...so I will, or maybe just with bobbie...don't get offended. See ya next time or what ever.

    We will be there for the entire month of November because The Virgin River RV Resort has a special snowbird rate... like 425 bucks for the month... and it is a five star, friendly place, in the middle of BLM lands chock full of trails and roads, and only fifteen minutes from Zion. Yep.

    Thanks...I hope you find your RV and get back on the road :))

  13. Every November I think of you guys out there in Zion and vow we will join you when we finally get to retire, even if just for a short while. Great to have someone else show off their "backyard"! Besides, love that rate you're always bragging about that Virgin River RV Resort has, sure can't beat that! Like you, when we do hit the road I intend to try to meet people who enjoy the same activities, but still want time to enjoy them together alone.


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