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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flashback To Saguaro National Park...Desert Blooms and DiamondBacks

Mariah paid a visit to Lovely Ouray yesterday...as in wind, not Carey. Just as well since I couldn't go out and play due to a 24 hour extended grace period about to expire. I needed to focus...finish my column for the Ouray County Plaindealer. Someday putting things off till the last second is going to bite me in the behind. But I like living on the adrenalized edge...that razor sharp line between panic and production. The issue with my column comes out on thursday, I'll try to remember to throw up a link...in case the BCB Journal isn't malaise enough for you. It's about coming off the road to our "sticks and bricks" in Lovely Ouray, which wasn't so "lovely" the day I was trying to write. At least the snow that falls this morning is vertical instead of horizontal. It's little spring straws like that that one must cling to while waiting on summer (sigh). 

It's a busy week here in The Crevice, with a day trip to Grand Junction and two parties on the calendar. What else? Oh, it looks as if I will be working at the Skol Gallery instead of the Hot Springs Pool this summer...the same job Bobbie has held for the past few years. She's moving uptown to the Mountain Fever gifts/souvenirs shop. Owners Tamara, Bruce (and Aspen Doggie) are occasional hiking/snowshoeing partners. I will miss the pool a great deal but not the responsibility that goes with it, especially on maxed out days...a zoo of patrons...with children and toddlers sneaking away from chatty parents into water that's over their heads. Thanks to all my Lifeguards who took their responsibilities serious. I wish you well.  

Today's blog fodder is from a Hugh Noris Trail hike we did with the Wiseones in Saguaro National Park. We started early to avoid heat and rattlesnakes, but was unsuccessful on both counts. Bobbie stepped within inches of a Diamondback, but it chose not to strike. If that would have been me stepping that close, well, I'd be blogging from Tucson General, finishing up my last course of anti-venom and antibiotics. 

A recheck out the Imax Windows shows three inches of Snow White, and rising. 

Peace Out

Hugh Noris Trail

Bobbie leads Wiseones...just before she sets foot next to Mr Diamondback


  1. It will definitely be quieter at the gallery, giving you time to write and paint, maybe?
    So what ever happened with Goldie? Curious minds want to know.

  2. Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing.

  3. Jim and Gayle,
    I hope so...my watercolor painting languishes :(
    Goldie is still in the hospital, but due out any day now. Me thinks a test run to Moab is in order...Wiseones are over there and I miss our misadventures :))

    You are welcome...the ocotillo blooms were amazing! I couldn't put my camera down...as you can see.
    Thanks for you comment.

  4. May be a change in venue will be good.

    All excellent shots of the blooming desert. Makes me want to get out.

    Glad Bobbie missed that snake.

  5. Sometimes it seems to be easier to do things at the last minute with an adrenal rush, but I do not miss the last minute rushing of owning a tax business, and there was more than one due date a year to worry about. I'll be working with kids this year, but not in a swimming pool, it should be interesting.

  6. One thing I am really missing here in Silver City is spring flowers...I assumed they bloomed everywhere! Thanks for sharing those lovely blooms!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  7. I think a trip to Moab before April 25th is in order, that's when we leave.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful cactus shots - a part of the U.S. we have not seen yet. You can leave the snake pictures out though. Must be your snowstorms that are making their way northeast and making such havoc here with heavy rains. Last 9 days we have seen over 11 inches of rain as it continues to rain with more heavy rain forecasted. The Mighty Miss won't stay in it's banks much longer. No more drought here!

  9. Gaelyn,
    I like to let Bobbie lead on hot hikes in the desert :)

    Yes, with "quarterly's" you had four deadlines :((

    Meta Lisa,
    Now I can keep you straight(er). :))
    I think Silver City "blooms" year round...with brilliant paint! Love its colorful old town areas.

    John and Pam...That could happen! Moab calls with all this snow we are getting. Goldie is still in the shop, so we will wait and see. Our partners in misadventures, Susan and Maikel are in the Moab area for a while too... so we could do a group hike!
    stay tuned...

    Chris and Mindy,
    It's feast or famine for you farmers...I don't know how you do it. It's like going to Vegas with your nest egg every year, hoping to break even. I hope you can get "planted" in all the mud.

  10. man dude... I am totally running out of adjectives here! I guess it's appropriate to re-use "thankful" that the nasty snake was apparently in a good mood that day!!

    Hoping you enjoy the new summer placements!!!

  11. meow momma,
    it's ok to recycle adjectives...save the alphabet for future generations, you know :))
    thanks!! it was a close call..

  12. We miss you too Markie! Are you gonna bring that grill along next time??? Huggs from both of us and we think of you all of the time. Nice hedgehog cactus flower. Heh heh heh. -Susan & Maikel says Hi.


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