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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cavorting In The Devils Garden

Yep, Moab! It is warm, warm and warming for the foreseeable future, and there is not a speck of the White Plague to be found.

It was getting late by the time we headed out of town and I wanted to camp low where it would be warm instead of our usual boondock near Dead Horse Point, 6000 plus feet of elevation. To our surprise there was a camp site available at Devil's Garden in Arches (that guy is everywhere). 

A spectacular full moon lit the Garden last night... rising large and silent over spooky hoo doos and imps as they cavorted in shadows. And now the rising sun is beaming through the Chalet's Imax window... coming up in the exact same place as last nights moon. 

There is not a cloud in the sky and me thinks it's going to be a great, great day of hiking and exploring.  


  1. Traffic jam! Lol, better than being in the city.

  2. Cows are so dumb it's a wonder they can reproduce.
    They do beat a traffic jam, however.

    What's up in Florida? Don't you miss "terrain?" Hills? Mountains? Snow? :))

  3. Mark- I am in process of selling RV- downsizing- but still need room for large screen and fireplace- All the snow I needed I experienced on Wisc rural mail route for years- I now get by with BCB photos! Enjoy the escape!


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