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Friday, March 2, 2012

Clouds In My Coffee

This is some doozie of a snowstorm. It drove me back into long pants, not so much because it's bitterly cold but because of the winds it rode into town on.
I checked the weather in southern Arizona near Tucson... just to torture myself... and found out Boonie and Lloyd are enjoying clear skies and mid sixties. We haven't seen the sun in three days here in Snowy Ouray. That my nephew  d. and Ms t. are starting a long vacation in Hawaii right now further salts my weather wounds. A couple more weeks and we'll be back in Sedona, Arizona. I think I can make it.

Actually, as long as I don't have to go out and work in it, a good heavy snowfall is a delightful event to take in through the Imax. I enjoy watching mists of clouds sink into The Crevice and fluffy snow stack up on the barbecue grill out on the deck. We needed a good snow anyway, to cover up the mud; it's like getting a fresh coat of paint... until it starts melting. 

This afternoon I spent a couple of "medicinal" hours soaking in 104 degrees down at the Hot Springs. Dark velvet clouds played hide and seek and peek-a-boo with the mountains. The rugged beauty of this place is indescribable; it's like living in Switzerland. I know I complain about the long winters, but it is a feast for the eyes... never boring. I can't imagine living on the plains or in the deep south after living in Ouray. I don't think I could even go back to Montrose, a mere 30 miles north, for that matter. I guess I have become a View Snob.

Here is a video of a hike we took up Woods Canyon near Sedona when we passed through there a couple of months ago. It was a dreary day with off and on rain, but it shows off some of the vegetation and the extreme grey/red color contrast you can expect to find in that area. Enjoy, and cheers. PS: Double click the Play Arrow to watch in a bigger screen.


  1. walden creek rv steveMarch 3, 2012 at 6:23 AM

    Sunny - close to 90 degrees at beach all week-- just saying----------

  2. Go ahead, kick sand in my face. Turnabout is fair play come july!

  3. I would join in and "kick some sand" too, unfortunately, we have torrential rain and extensive flooding on Oahu and Kauai as I type this. Good luck d and Ms t! Sure do like the new blog Mark, especially since I can now actually see the last few lines of your posts :)

  4. Hobo Joe,
    So your sand is wet... at least it's warm :))
    And thanks for reading the BCB... kinda opposite of Hawaii, eh? I just got off the phone with Nephew d, and they were leaving Oahu and headed for the big Island for some volcano adventures.
    Have a great day.

  5. "Sure do like the new blog Mark, especially since I can now actually see the last few lines of your posts :)"

    YES, it does make a difference when you can read ALL that was written without going to View Page Source.


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