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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Utah On My Mind

Forecast for Moab, Utah, for the next 10 days calls for mid 60's. Hmmmm, should I go or should I stay?
My rocks here in The Crevice are all white with snow; I could use some red in my life... and some sun that lasts all day long... and some noise reduction... and a long canyon rim hike followed by a tall sweaty glass of IPA at the Moab Brewery. 

How shall I break this impulse to Bobbie? 

The Three Sisters, formerly called The Three Nuns. I guess they got tired of celibacy :))

It's a tough choice, look at this!!! I could flip a coin.

But why leave such matters to chance?

What if I lose the toss?

What if the Moab forecast is wrong?

What if...

Ms Destiny awaits in Canyonlands... or her ugly step sister, Ms Disaster? 

Ah, the sun just arrived to The Crevice. I'll go for a walk with Bobbie and think about it. Mid 40's here feels pretty good when old Sol is beaming down. Only two more weeks till Sedona's out my window.

Thanks to Paul and Rebecca for a lovely evening last night... enjoyed your company :))

Gone thinking...


  1. Oh Mark, I've never seen a spirit calling out more to be a fulltimer than yours. You could save yourself a lot of grief if you'd just move to it! Wherever you are you are never happy for very long; and as far as I know the only solice for that is to move along on down the line to a new place. Constant new places, constant movement--may be the only thing that brings you happiness. Are you running from that, or running to it?

    1. Hey Claudia,
      It must sound that way, but mostly I like to run away from winters... so I can be outside all day, comfortable, hiking or biking or climbing a mountain. My hitch doesn't itch much during summers and falls here in The Crevice, Its got all the toys I need.

      But "fulltiming" does intrigue me... I do think I'm cut out for it but not in the Chalet camper :))

  2. Hang on for a couple of days: Daylight Saving Time starts soon and that always seems to perk me up and chase away the winter blues.

    1. Gumo
      Squeezing the trigger as we speak. Thanks pal.


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