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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Half Challenged Half Wit

I'm told a person learns more from failures than they do successes. Well then, look out Mensa there's a new kid in town! I guess that's what happens when you are a wild-eyed optimist.

Hey, wait just a gol'darn minute, I ain't no "optimist." My glass is always half empty. I've got a junkyard half empty of shattered half-wit ideas to prove it... such eyesores City Hall made me fence them half in. So why in Sam Mountain do I keep dreaming up new half-assed ways to make half a buck? 

Sometimes it feels like the rope I'm climbing has been pig greased; maybe it's just my palms, sweating like Mohammad Ali verses Joe Frazier. Whatever the reason, it keeps me 180 degrees out of sync with the Universe. What does one do when there are not enough answers to go around for half-baked questions? Apparently you go off half-cocked. BANG! And you ain't even heard the half of it.


  1. :) if I could figger how to live on half a living my own half baked ideas to cook up half a buck on half the heat would have half a chance of making it through half a day with half the effort...

    ... if only that'd result in half the naysayers giving me half the criticism! I'd be halfway to making progress! :)

    1. I understand completely... which means we might be twin sons from different mothers.


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