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Monday, March 12, 2012

Slickrock Boondock

We departed The Devil's Garden Campground in Arches National Park for all the reasons in yesterday's post... plus about ten more I didn't get to. Still, if you can get reservations secured and avoid the "Musical Chairs," it is both a magical and convenient base camp for hiking and you shouldn't be discouraged by a guy who resents authority and prefers ruleless boondocks to being herded like cattle. Moooo.

As the crow flies our new boondock is only about eight miles from the "Devil's" stockyard that we abandoned yesterday but we had to drive about forty miles to find it. Four of the forty is four wheel drive only, tho I think a good high clearance two wheel drive could do it; you just better have it cranking when you get to one long sandy stretch.

This rough, high clearance road was the original entry to Arches National Park before they cut switchbacks into the cliffs near Moab. I must say, this is a pretty remote and solitary camp. But we have good Verizon service here, hence post cards from the edge of nowhere.

After camp was set we continued on mountain bikes for about another five miles and ended up meeting pavement at Balanced Rock. So this is the place we will camp from now on when we want to visit Arches. Sweet. Among all the downsides to minimal campers, this is the one big upside... that we can go further in over rough four wheel drive roads and camp where we damn well please.

Now for some purdy pictures... I'm all out of words from yesterday.

Bobbie approves of our new Boondock!

Raisin Bran! Yum.

Bobbie preps her mountain bike before our ride.


  1. A beautiful view at your new boondock. Didn't see another soul around. And you didn't even have to make reservations to get it!

    Texas state parks has a reservation system but there are no site specific reservations because of the very reason you encountered yesterday. It works out well.

    The weather looks great. Enjoy!

  2. No reservations? Shhhhhhh..... If "those" people find out they'll erect a gate! ;) no reservations here neither... But your yard is a touch more photogenic.

  3. It was great to hear you get a real benefit from your smaller rig. Recall that I thought you were under-appreciating it because you were camping in the places you used to camp with a bigger trailer.

    I have been encountering campsites/pulloffs lately that tempt me into asking, "I wonder if Mark and Bobbie would make it up this road?"

    I predict that better and more magical campsites are going to become a growth industry for you. When I get a smaller rig, I hope to emulate you.

  4. Thanks Gumo,
    Texas has some nice state parks too... and mountains. We have no neighbors here so it is quiet.

    CowBoy Brian,
    Has the "dust" settled over at your place yet?? Sheesh, you do stirred things up. I'm pretty sure you could get the Jayco back in here with your dulley four wheel drive.... just don't tell Ms Heidi I said so :))

    Yes I recall... this is the first time we've taken advantage of our new size/weight/length. We are finding soooo many RV'ers looking for boondocks now that the easy one's are about as bad as campgrounds. The first two miles of the road we are on was packed with bikers and motorheads.

  5. Mark and Bobby,
    Don't forget the campsite of Itchyhitch on the river near the Potash plant. With your rig you should be able to go right over to the ledge nearest to the river now. Good Luck

    1. Thanks guys!
      I think I remember that one... more traffic there tho. We are remote where we are at now but can bike into Arches via a four wheel drive road and be to pavement at Balanced Rock in less than an hour. Love to Louise. thanks


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