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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Proud Mary

This will come as no surprise to some. You see,  I've thrown in the towel on prostituting the Box Canyon Blog and struck a deal with The Heavenly Father. If He would but forgive my foolish "optimism," I will follow His Son's example... chase moneychangers from the Temple and restore commercial chastity to my soiled dove pages (three Proud Mary's and sign of the cross).  

I feel all clean inside... like after communion or a good old alter call. No more wading around in my stomped heart's blood hoping for a handout. Goodbye Google Ad (non) Sense; it works only for others, they and them. 

I will earn honest money doing "summer camp" time at the pool instead, just look for a guy in an orange jumpsuit with POW written on the back. Oh please, don't mistake sarcasm for bitterness; laugh along with me at my naive innocence at the ways of the Universe... how it dumps on the Just and the Unjust. Daddy was right, there are no free rides. On the other hand, sustaining a good blog requires a lot of time and effort... so it's not like I was asking for ad-clicks and doing nothing to earn them. 

In the long run it's best not to become dependent on Adsense anyway for they are a fickle lot of "pushers" up in Goo Goo land. Once you become addicted to the income, the Goo Gods can just cut you off for no good reason, or even for suspected reasons that are not true. And you can't just call them and ask why, either. They have plenty of people generating income; why take time to respond to little old you? The Google Adsense Forum is jammed with bloggers and web site entrepreneurs wondering why their financial rug was ripped out from under them with no explanation.  Goo Gods don't respond, they're too busy counting money.  

Still, the idea of writing and photographing for a living has a dream-like appeal. I'll just have to look elsewhere and work harder on my off-line projects... which are even riskier than Google Ads. Not to worry, for every dream that goes up in smoke ten await its  place.  

Big wheel keep on churnin'
Proud Mary keep on burnin'
rollin' on the river 


  1. Yeah... I kinda swapped one master for another... it herds you around and "Back into the corral" with the rest of the sheeple... following the Judas goat.

    It chokes the honesty out of your words... Fearful to rock the boat that's feeding you... full circle right back where I came from.

    Makes a guy nervous to have the future of his "Fantasies" owned by a company that has totally abandoned its "Do No Evil" commitment.

    So... it's back to the "Drawing Board", or... writing table?

    ebooks and self publishing... through a wide variety of outlets is a much better option... Yet still a steep slope to climb. But after only a year it equals what took 5+ to build on the "Gooey" slopes.

    The thing is... with your words and your Photography... and the advent of the Color Nooks and Kindles... it's an Apple ;) ripe for you to pick!

    1. CowBoy Brian,
      Thanks for your honesty (I think you are safe from the "Bots" here). I will find an Apple to pick sooner or later. Till then I'll just keep kick'in the can down the road... try to camp in the "now," work on refining my "words," watercolors, photography and music... explore that which makes up my surround... and have faith that i'm on the right "trail."

  2. Hi Mark, I read your latest blog and decided afterward that I would forward this newletter I receive that gives me something to "chew on." Ignore the astrology stuff if you are so inclined but read the insites about the "sacred masculine." What you are experiencing is right on target with the changes going on for all, and sensitive beings like yourself really feel this energy but don't always have a background of info to understand it. Males or masculine energy (in we feminine persons) are turning or have done so, away from work that "puts" food in our mouths to our heart-soul work which fires our passions. Stop worrying about money and let go and float with it. You gripe at "Our Heavenly Father" like it's your dad, however having been there, I like the idea of Creator as a part of us egging us on, cheering when we take a stand against old programing. Go for it, friend!

    "It is a time to let go of phrases like--it's impossible (because it's never happened before). It's inevitable (because those with the greatest power tell us repeatedly that it is so.) It is too hard (because we have not quite gained enough momentum yet) Throw those old ideas out the window. We are here as revolutionaries of the Heart, destined to overthrowing the old habits of mind, destined to create a new paradigm." Tami Brunk is a Shamanic Astrologer, freelance writer, poet, permaculture student and biophiliac based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  3. Anon,
    thanks for your sense and sentiment... it has a "grounding" effect on me :))
    I am turning that corner... the one that takes me away from "money thinking." but it has such a 40 acre field radius and is so rough that it's taking time eternal to change directions.
    I wonder sometimes what worry would take up my day if I were rich? (again, back to thinking in terms of money) But down deep I know as you know, the true measure of wealth is not coins. The catch is to ignore the monster (exhausted savings) hiding in the closet (future).
    "They" say, just do your "art" and the money will follow... and I try to listen... but when? when does it come? My faith is weak and so I sell out and fall back on old familiar treadmills where I am not at all happy.
    It's time to do what you suggest and just trust, I guess. If tomorrow will take care of it's self... I can handle today.


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