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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She Said, "Let's Break Out The Watercolors"

BJ's Fire

And why not... we were back from our hike shortly after noon. So while Bobbie painted Arches "fire," I chose the very thing I was here to get away from... Snow! I'm afraid my skills are a bit rusted, but it was just for fun anyway... an attempt to get back on the horse that keeps throwin' me. Love Arty Things.
Now let's go for a hike in The Devils Playground...

Walking the fins

The Buddhas, The Hammer and The Anvil

Mark's Powder Day


  1. art... how many people are sitting in a cubicle... and have... or could have an electronic picture frame sitting on their desk?

    ... and scrolling through the frame... is a reel of Watercolors and Photography... softening their day...

    If... Just IF mind you... someone was making available, at a sweet price, a collection of such electronic art for online download... hmmmm

    1. CowBoy,
      You stir up monetary fantasies. I'm O for two so far...

  2. Great pictures of Arches! Been roaming the beaches around Naples, for the last week, swimming with dolphins, sunburned, walking barefoot in the sand. Sipping my coffee using Wi-Fi to enjoy your post. Keep at those water paints. John Q

    1. John Q,
      We are a little sunburned too, roaming our sandy beaches... just no ocean.
      Thanks John, we'll try and keep painting.


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