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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ahhh Spring... Old Man Winter's Back Is Broken, But He Ain't Dead Yet

Walt Disney himself would be hard pressed to top the "rides" we have within a day's drive of Lovely Ouray. So many playgrounds to choose from, so little time. And the best part is, they are Natural. No moulded plastic, no fake rocks, just Almighty God's weathered etchings... a billion years in the making. 
If our "leash" is extended to two days drive, we'd need another lifetime to get 'er done... and by "done" I mean uncovered, explored, absorbed and tucked away into the soft fold of fond memories. 

The past 30 years plus, Bobbie and I have been on a mission of sorts... or perhaps "calling" is a better word... to experience the west's marvelous diversity and drama. It was not easy during the full time working years, but it was still fun. That we haven't even seen the entirety of our own back yard brings a smile to my face... and my wallet, given the price of gas. This summer we look forward to exploring Colorado's treasure chest of high altitude boondocks we've yet to camp. It will be a test of both nerve and the "upward mobility" of our Chalet Camper.  

But tis only the first day of spring, and somewhere between ten to twenty feet of snow needs to melt off in the high country before we can attempt those camps. We will content ourselves with lower elevations until then, places like Moab's canyon country. Gee, that doesn't sound so bad; it's movie star pretty and handy at less than three hours away. 

We are packing up the Chalet tonight for another excursion to Sedona, Arizona; I know, more red rocks! I sense Boonie's eyes rolling 180 degrees, "Too much ado about "Postcards." All Boonie needs is a gravel wash to be happy... I wish it were so for me for it would simplify my life to shun far flung western wonders... to be content with boondocking in a barren, overgrazed mono-vegetated scrubland or casino parking lot. His wallet laughs at our's, but to each there own fatuous RV proclivity. There isn't much common ground between a Left Brained practical realist logic-head and a Right Brained romantic sissy that's a sucker for artsy fartsy eye candy. Now CowBoy Brian, he straddles the "fence."

My daddy was a preacher man and some of it must a rubbed off on me. I am forever giving "Alter Calls" here on the BCB... challenging people to lay down their devices and excuses and go see what they're missing. 

Bobbie blasting through a rough section of the Madera Canyon Mountain Bike Trail... the one Boonie peed on in his post today because it was "too rough."  How do you feel now, Boondocker? Hee Hee.
 (Better lay off the front brake, Bobbie...)

Today's Random Photo... British Columbia, south of Jasper... "Things Go Better With Coca Cola"

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  1. Considering the frequent references to Wandrin in your posts, I was missing in this one where Boonie, Cowboy Brian and yourself were "labeled". Aha. Kinda hard to categorize Wandrin Lloyd. Trying to remain an enigma is tough.

  2. Wandrin'
    Don't feel left out, The Boonie and I think we have a "label" for you, I just didn't want to use it so near our potential path crossing and get you all grumpy and defensive :))

    And now you are "curious" too! (grin)

  3. Curiosity is what drives me.

    Took two of you to come up with a label. Now I am impressed.

  4. Those blue skies are gorgeous in your photos! We just took the motorhome out of storage tonight and are heading over to go camp at the river to watch all of the wildlife return up the flyway. This might be a lifetime record of camping in northern Illinois in March but, hey, it is still in the 70's (cooled down from the 80's). Enjoy Sedona! C&M

  5. Wandrin'
    Let's just say the "labeL" has to do with weather that suits your clothes.

    C and M,
    Good for you guys, you were due and early summer. Won't be long till you are headed to Lovely Ouray!!!
    Enjoy the waterfowl and the river.

  6. Heh-- John Q and Walden Creek rv need labels too!

  7. Walden Steve,
    You're a Florida Beach Runner,
    John Q is a Roamer... with a sticks and bricks anchor. No mountains; no oceans... he has to roam. :))


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