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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eastern Utah's Slick Rock... Smooth and Creamy Soft Serve Playgrounds

I'm wearing my new "Life Is Good" ball cap... hoping the mantra will rub off on my spoiled rotten brain. This post comes to you from back in Lovely Ouray... Mouse's Chocolates, to be exact. I felt a need for comfort food on this Pennsylvania Grey day... a ginormous Scrap Cookie and an (intravenous) frothy topped, tall-boy triple shot latte... with gooey carmel and dark chocolate syrup. You say "addict;" I say "coping mechanism." 

Outside Mouse's squeaky clean window wind drives snowflakes to swirl about like killer bees looking for a target. I prefer friendly "Have a nice day" snow, those lazy silver dollar flakes that fall vertically and gently and wets chapped lips like a good ole doggy kiss... or a hungry lover; take your pick (there goes my PG rating).

Today, The Crevice is quite a contrast from our week spent in the wide open, sunny and warm boondocks near Moab, Utah. We came home just in time to face down a wet Pacific stormstorm that's supposed to hammer southwest Colorado for the next couple days. The leading edge arrives as I type; see?

Thus Mouse's Chocolates, tag-team of Sugar and Caffeine to soften my mood from angry... to resigned... to complete loving acceptance of my glass half full... of... well, Sugar and Caffeine. It could be the drugs talking but I'm feeling better so who cares (he says as he polishes off the last of his tall boy triple shot). And this feeling is perfectly legal, unlike the ones back in college (I wonder if I'm as flushed in the face as I feel?) 

I sense my eventual crash will be rough so I affirm to "live in the Now" until then... at which time I will sneak back to last week. 

come sneak with me 
back to Utah's color and warmth 
where swirls of soft serve slickrock 
 ice cream smooth
roll on and on and on
a veritable  
for mountain bikers
outdoor enthusiasts

You say "harsh light;" I say "edgy contrast." 
Damn, the Life Is Good Hat must be working.

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  1. Glad you are back to "form."

  2. Beautiful John Ford country!

  3. Hmmm... And I thought I was the pot stirrer ;)

  4. I'm glad you like that Mouse place, but in my opinion the breakfast bistro bagel place is "the place to be" in Ouray!

  5. By the way, you might consider unchecking the captcha de-spamming function. It is a real nuisance now that it uses two hard-to-read words. It serves to frustrate and discourage would-be commenters on your blog. And since you always say you wish you had more comments...

  6. I've disabled that on mine... I get lots of spam but so far Blogger has caught 100% of it. Kind of a pain... But, life in the west I guess ;)

  7. Ok, I think I disabled the impossible to read spam catcher encryption box... I thought I already had, cause it wasn't making me sign in.
    So is it gone????
    thanks all... hope you get to go to eastern Utah with your mountain bike and hiking boots. Spring and fall are best. And stay tuned for a go pro video of our bike ride. :)) mark

  8. Ah yes, those yummy scrap cookies! Can't say that we are having a normal March at all in northwest Illinois. We have had 70-80 degree days for the past 2 weeks. The flowers are blooming, trees are all budded out, and it truly feels like May. We've dug out the summer clothes and everyone is in the late spring-summer mindset. It was a bizarre winter!

    1. Hey, good on you! But look out for this storm... it's leaving Lovely Ouray and headed your direction. I hope it's snow and not tornadoes for you guys..


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