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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finally Found A Great Boondock Spot Near Sedona

It was a surprise to see as much snow in Flagstaff as we left behind in Lovely Ouray; they really got dumped on. And it was disheartening that snow stayed with us all the way down Oak Creek Canyon. Just outside the town of Sedona it was finally gone and near 70 degrees. Oak Creek was riding high and raging muddy from the meltdown.

I did some Google Earth homework before we left, trying to find a boondock in or near Sedona's Red Rock country. Over the past twenty years the Forest Service has drawn a ever increasing "No Camping" circle around Sedona, forcing boondockers into tight and noisy pay campgrounds (that are always full on weekends!). The only alternative was to camp way out of town in desert scrub over toward Cottonwood. Using Google Earth's satellite view I found a little dirt road to the south, just outside the "No Camping" circle that is outlined below in Green. Here is a link to a larger map. 

We drove right to the road and thought, tho narrow, it led to some very promising landscapes. We eagerly crossed the cattle guard and ventured forth... about a quarter mile before a wash-out stopped us. A series of steep, deep erosions had been carved by recent storms. I was tempted by the devil to put Petroleous  Rex in four wheel drive low range, lock in the hubs and give it a go. But "Jesus" whispered my other ear, "Thoust fool, what glory shall come of this?" To my "big boy now" credit, I put Pet Rex in reverse and backed all the way out... unconvinced, but obedient.

Up the pavement a few hundred yards was a much better track, it wound us up a gradual ridge to a perfect view and some large trees for shade. It was even level. So now we are boondocked in purdy country and only about 15 minutes from Bobbies Watercolor Workshop location south of Sedona. This will be our boondock spot from now on, or at least until the Green Circle gets enlarged again. You notice that I'm not giving its location away to the world. Email a bribe to me if you are in need of a good boondock in this area... and I'll think about it :))

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  1. Mark,

    Any additional thoughts on how the A-Liner is working for you and Bobby?


  2. Neil,
    That is an excellent question... what day is it?

    To be perfectly honest it is taking this 6 foot 3 inch guy some time to adjust to the down size from a fifth wheel. However, I sure do not miss pulling that heavy clunker around and the 7 mpg when doing so.

    The Chalet... especially since we opted for the one with a dormer... has plenty of headroom due to it's shape (I can't even touch the ceiling in the middle), but the square footage is minimal for sure. I'm ok with that too, but I do miss comfortable seating. I find myself sitting up in the bed with pillows behind my back a lot as the little dining cushions are not that great. Maybe we need to get some high quality memory foam for the cushions.

    I have this idea of converting the little two person dinette into a love seat and adding a flip up table for when we need one. Still working on the design.

    Other than sitting comfort tho, I love the ease and portability of a small rig. We took so many things we didn't need when we had the fiver... a ton of dead useless weight. We have simplified now... and it is freeing. We can go places we never would attempt with Fiver and that opens up a lot of new boondocking territory.

    thanks, I need to do a post update on this topic.

  3. hmmmmm... I'm searching through the junk in my overstuffed compartments for something a poor boy might have to bribe a guy whose wanting to get along with "less"... geeze... you make a guy "work" at it! :)

  4. CowBoy Brian,
    I'm rubbing your "stuff" in your face :))

  5. ok, should we try a 26 ft. class c there.....? Kelly

  6. ok, should we try a 26ft class c there? Thanks....Kelly


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