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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pen Pals Meet

When Pen Pal Claudia and Marc's Freightliner rolled into our boondock camp a couple days ago I was impressed with what a serious RV tot'en machine it was, a veritable workshop on wheels complete with hoist, tools, air compressor, cab sleeper, huge generator and more gears than a mountain bike. In getting to know them I realized that they have RV traveled more extensively than Bobbie and I, and thus have a few more tales of adventure... and misadventure. Yes, the mobile lifestyle can be a rocky road.

You might say Marc and Claudia are Rocky "Road Scholars," graduates of the University of Hark Knocks and Flat Tires. That's what happens when you RV coast to coast, border to border... including Alaska... chasing construction management jobs for "corporate." The Itchyhitchers have wintered in Wisconsin and summered in Yuma; now that is about as hardcore bipolar as gets.

I liked Marc from the moment we shook hands, he is a very personable and versatile guy. In fact, if a wild hair whim flew up the Itchyhitcher's collective bum to RV Hawaii, Marc would figure a way to add pontoons and wheel flippers to the Freightliner, and do it on a small budget. If you are pondering a construction project and need either a project manager or a one man mobile army, Marc has an impressive resume.

We met up with Wandrin Lloyd for lunch at the Oak Creek Brewery in Tlaquepaque Village I highly recommend their IPA). After lunch, it felt like we were in another country... strolling the Village's cobblestone streets. Ivory armed Sycamores graced intimate plazas center-pieced with tiled fountains. Grapevines climbed stuccoed walls stained with time, bell towers rang out on the hour and mysterious stairways lead to heavenly shops filled with art. Such places come with a price tag so bring either a strong will or your American Express Gold Card. 

The RV gang... minus one

Bobbie's three finger chicken salad sandwich

Fish n' chips for Marc, and a "Naked" burger for Gluten Free Lloyd (Hey Lloyd, I heard Scotch as gluten in it)

Bobbie was posing for a different photographer I guess

After years of exchanging emails, Claudia finally meet up

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  1. Too much fun you guys.

  2. Anon,
    And now everyone is gone and were all alone ::(

  3. Loved the humerous post Mark! Thanks again for everything; it was fantastic.

  4. Claudia,
    It was fun and our pleasure. Where next?


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