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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Flutterbye Of Butterflies

Plodding along in a creek bottom up a distant red rock canyon, Bobbie and I had the blessing to stumble across a rabble of butterflies. They were flitting everywhere... thick as flies... attacking bush blossoms as if it was their "Last Supper." The little pretties were so intoxicated on nectar that I could practically touch them with my lens. It's just one of those neat, serendipitous things that happens when you disembark a living room based life and get "out there." 

Our camp guests Claudia and Marc departed Sunday in order to sightsee their way back home to Yuma. It was great to finally meet my Pen Pal of many years and her husband... greater still that Wandrin' Lloyd was able to join in. 

After about an hour of calm CowBoy Brian and Ms Heidi rolled into the area on the Red Raider. We got together and yakked over goodies and coffee at Sedona's Wild Flower Bread Company (I highly recommend the Cranberry Scone and Guatemalan Dark).  

I love my ever increasing itinerate lifestyle. It seems we have more  camaraderie on the road than at home... all the more reason to keep on travelin'. Well, that and the Flutterbye of Butterflies. 
What next? Man, did I ever get a neat photo... stay tuned.
Have a great week!

CowBoy Brian and Ms Heidi... you know the other two hombres :))

I love the shadow on this one.

This guy held so still I was able to capture the individual bands on his antenna's 

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  1. Ha! we did it again... touched on the same subject 'thout any "planning"... It's those "small" things that put the gleam in life.

    The ability to focus on the small, fleeting little bits of this life... that sweetest of 'seasonings'... is the benefit of moving slowly through this country. It's what those who rush to the next "destination"... bypass.

    one thing though... you got the better pics! ;)

  2. Beautiful photos. I don't know what you are shooting them with but it sure makes your blog really pop! Thanks.

  3. Mark,

    You have touched on something that I always believed and voiced several times: we (mountain bikers, Hikers, et all have seen more enviromental beauty than most so called enviromentalists).

    You have probably answered these question in the past:

    What do use for a primary camera?

    Do you shoot in manual most of the time?



    PS Some of my great memories are looking at the faces of the tourists riding in the Pink Jeeps.
    If you get me drift, ha ha

  4. Anon,

    It's that "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" thing again.

    Thanks G, It's hard to take a bad photo when with rocks this red and skies this blue. Snap, Crackle and Pop! :))

    The neat thing about mountain bikes... since they put suspension on them... is that you can fly past four wheel drive vehicles that must creep over the rough stuff. Bobbie and i blew past two such "Jeeps" a few weeks ago in Utah... they didn't even see us coming. Their eyes told a story :)) We were having a beer in camp by the time they caught up with us, and again the "stares."

    As for my main camera (drum roll)...
    it is a little bitty Canon Elph Power Shot 300 HS. It is a lightweight 12.1 megapixel pocket camera... the best I've found. I have a big Sony with lenses but it is a burden to carry on long hikes and bikes. The Elph does a great job for internet photos.


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