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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Epicurean Delights of Wonder and Wander

Arizona skies are famous for their brilliant sunrises and sunsets. But sometimes midday clouds soften light and mood. The Artist pulled out His (or is it "Her") brush and painted some interesting clouds over our boondock camp the other day. Wow!  Now for a little complementary red rock... just to make your eyes bleed and heart flutter. 
Speaking of our boondock, we have been here well over the 14 day National Forest limit. I've seen no Ranger yet, but then we are gone most of the day every single day. I suppose there would be a note on the door if anyone was checking. Still, we should leave some trails un-hiked and un-biked for next time we are in this beautiful garden and move on down the road.

As I said before, I don't know why I am compelled to come to the Sedona area; maybe it's the mystical Vortex that pulls me here in spite of hordes of Phoenians that overrun every parking spot, trail, restaurant, gift shop and gallery every weekend. This coming weekend will be particularly brutal in that it is an Easter holiday. 

So far we have managed to avoid most of the tourists by hiking the longer trails; you'd be surprised how the two mile mark on a warm day flips the "I need Ice Cream!" switch. Wait, something tells me you're not "surprised."  :))

Photos are from Soldier's Pass hike...

Danger, Falling Rock!!!

One must be careful where they seek shade. This spot would have ruined your day!

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