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Friday, April 20, 2012

Parting Shots From Sedona... The Movie

Say what you will about the spoils of Pink Jeeps and too many people, on a slow day Sedona can still pluck heartstrings.
We found a few hiking trails to call our own... a mountain biking trail up House Mountain where blank faced cows were our only company... so you can go home again if you adjust expectations. 

I first met Sedona when I was but a child... and so was she. We grew up together, but time slipped by and now we're old. In the soft light of dawn, while the city sleeps, she resembles her youth. I doubt she would say the same for me...


Now, a seven minute video of Boynton and Casner Canyon hikes. I'm fond of the music... you can either click this link below and be whisked off to Youtube where it plays larger and you can pick the resolution, or click the top video on my sidebar and enjoy a small version in my header photo. thanks all. 

Boynton and Casner Canyon Hikes

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  1. I really need to spend more time during the winter exploring Sedona.

  2. Normally I have little interest in "beautiful" photographs because prettiness is just an insipid cliche to me. But your top photograph really knocked my socks off, probably because of the danger and mystery that it evoked with the darkness and contrast.

  3. Mark,

    You're killing me, ha ha......

    Walked part of the 100 mile wilderness section of the AT this past week........still miss Sedona and Jerome though.


  4. Gaelyn,
    Some good hikes... drop me a line when you go if you need a good boondock spot.

    Wow... thanks! I work so hard to impress my main critic. You can be so incorrigible sometimes :))

    But "killing" you softly...
    I've been tempted by the A T... but I got over it :))
    It is rough up north I hear.
    Jerome get under my skin too.


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