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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Going Into The Light... Wobbly Knees and All

I was thinking about the Psychology behind the fear of dying... from my "armchair," of course. Various and sundry phobias are thought to be rooted in a fear of dying, but they are often a ruse... a diversion designed to deflect attention away from the true source of fear, which is loss of control.
 I know Type A people who go to great lengths to "manage" Life's variables... they over-insure and over-protect, everything from vehicle safety ratings, to vitamin addiction, to prearranged funerals. It seems like they are always swimming upstream, trying to stay one step ahead of the Boogie Man and live forever. I wish them luck, but It's hard to participate in all the fun of family and friends when one keeps adding bowling pins to their juggling routine.

Then there are the good old Type B's who just go with the flow... comfortable in any situation; "whatever." As a former Type A, I can tell you it's a lot more relaxed in B-Town. My conversion is a work in progress... two steps forward, one step back... but I like the freedom living without fear brings to the table. Pesky phobias like fear of heights and flying fell away like so much excess baggage. I enjoy standing on "the edge" now. It makes me feel alive.

What ever makes your knees wobble... you probably need to do it.

Bobbie versus Demons on Devils Bridge

Lord you can take me now... but I'd just as soon stay here a little bit longer, if You don't mind :))

Near "the vortex," Sedona, Arizona.

and, back home in Colorado

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  1. I know my acrophobia is illogical. Intellectually, I know I can walk over the top of Devils Arch, but it will not happen. Just too much stress. Headed over next week to check it out. From a safe area that I will construct in my mind.

  2. Life is way too short to live in fear.

  3. Devils arch has to be one of your favorite pictures- but what is really safe?? A fews years back while running down nice safe "flat " sidewalk in "safe neighborhood in Texas I tripped on crack in sidewalk and took one of the best swan dives of all time- hit forhead as hard as could be possible- after done bouncing on forehead-I just laid there and tried to figure out what the result of this trip would be- at the time - I tip toe across Devils Arch seemed really safe to me- All relative I guess.I got up and finished my run.

  4. Wandrin,
    Throw off the "chains," reward us (and yourself) with a photo of you standing in the center. Go into The Light, it is your friend :))

    It could all be over tomorrow...
    No Regrets either way, right?

    Walden Steve,
    Exactly the point!
    Ask Mrs John Q about the dangers of sidewalks and parking lots...


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