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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Getting High With The Gang

Well, it was a great hike, ten hikers in all, but the wildflowers were a bust... just in the early stages of bloom, if at all. I'm bummed because flowers are more than half the draw as far as I'm concerned. But the fellowship more than made up for that, and Ice Lake was in full glory…

Jim, Gayle, Suzanne, Bobbie, and Tamara (our local friend) decided to go up one more basin to see Island Lake. I will fetch some of those photos from Bobbie later, or you can stay tuned to Life's Little Adventures or Take to the Highway :)  


  1. That was fast! It took forever to go through all the photos from yesterday. You definitely need to get back up there to Island Lake!

  2. I remember that fabulous, strenuous hike! Looks like the flowers were pretty darn good at the lower elevations.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  4. Amazing photo. Could look at it for a very long time. In fact did just that.

  5. Glad to see the gang gathering. I can only imagine the beauty of the hikes to come. Looking forward to the adventures!

  6. Eye candy for sure...I'm thinking the cool air was as crisp as your beautiful photos!

  7. Replies
    1. Pam, Mark's "stealthy ELPHie" camera shows no mercy, even when I have my "ugly cry face" on. It was an emotional day for me.

  8. You and Bobbie are a coupla tough critics! Bobbie thinks Oak Creek is not steep, and you think Ice Lake wildflowers are a bust. They are both pinnacles to me. ;-) I am grateful to you both for sharing your beautiful back yard.

  9. Great hike, so much better being there, the clear skies, smelling the clean mountain air, touching the wild flowers, and crossing the steams to earn the view of Ice Lake with it's unique reflective blue.

  10. Did you have your eyes closed when you took these photos? Because I see Lots of wildflowers. And the views are to die for.


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