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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Loop Hike With Bobbie and My Favorite Son

Son Caleb was born, raised, and educated here in Southwest Colorado. But he's been around since graduating from Fort Lewis College in Durango, mostly Texas, from San Antonio to Austin to Dallas. After a few years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he came "home" after finding gainful employment in Denver. He's just as far away in Denver as he was in Albuquerque, but somehow it feels closer.

We always go for a good hike or two when Caleb comes home for a visit. This time we did the "Stair-master" Old Twin Peaks Trail up to Oak Creek Trail, a loop that circles high above Lovely Ouray. Always a pleasure to spend time with "Big Guy" Jr.. :)

A buck in velvet wants to nibble on our new aspen tree… 

A little Jeep Road outing to the High Country in Petroleous Rex


  1. Beautiful post cards as always Mark! And a great time spent with Caleb...

  2. That shelf road looks like Governor's Basin?

  3. What a beautiful hike is such wonderful company. Love those views, the clouds, that amazing flower but....snow? Really? Post card pictures is right!

  4. Caleb is about the same age as our son Brian. No trails to hike but always fun to take him out golfing. I remember Twin Peaks being a real heart pumper with great views.

  5. As I said on FaceBook, son Caleb has your walk...well as near as I can tell in a still shot. By the way, Mark, did I ever ask you what camera you use? Did you ever say? Do you shoot RAW? Do you use Lightroom? Just curious. Your photos are so incredible, and I know well that it isn't the equipment that makes a great photographer. If you don't want to public this, but want to answer, you know where I am.

    1. To answer Sue and Dawn:
      As for my main camera (drum roll)...
      it is a little bitty Canon Elph Power Shot 340 HS, an inexpensive, lightweight, 12.1 megapixel pocket camera... the best I've found. I have a big bulky Sony with lenses and all but it is a burden to carry on long hikes and bikes. The Elph does a good enough job for plain old Jpeg internet photos. I used Mac's onboard iPhoto for processing and storage. One of the "tricks" is that the elph 340 HS has the widest angle lens I have ever found. I have found that shooting wide angle tends to concentrate color and sharpness. As soon as I start to zoom in, sharpness and color is less apparent. I realize that zooming is necessary for things like wildlife but try to refrain from overuse and just crop. No big secrets, simple is better, or good enough for blog photos. :)

    2. Thank you, Mark, I would have never dreamed you get those sharp foreground flowers with the whole world in the background with a camera like the Elph!

  6. I too was wondering if you shoot RAW and what processing you use. The photos are so clear and brilliant. Beautiful hike! Thanks for taking us along!


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