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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Preview of Today's Hike

So this is where the Gang is spending today, Ice Lake Basin. I've never seen a lake so deeply turquoise-blue as Ice Lake. Once you see it the bar is raised and the rest are ho-hum. Ice Lake is a visual/emotional paradox, affect and effect, stir and calm, imprint and erase. For better or worse, it is the measure by which all other bodies of water will be compared. Ice Lake, however, is not pictured in this teaser post. Some things should remain under wraps—chaste, until appropriately consummated. 
  Wildflower season is running late this year and has yet to peak in our San Juan Mountains. In Governor Basin yesterday, 12500 feet, snow fields had only just melted, enough for Marsh Marigolds to sprout… the first thing to bloom after snow is gone. Wildflower season runs late this year, thanks to a "bitchy" june. Ice Lake is at a similar elevation, so while there will be lush blooms on the way up, I fear a letdown in the lake's meadow. We will see.

There runs a nervous excitement within the, some wondering if they can make the climb to Ice Lake's lofty elevation. Some have even purchased oxygen to take along, hoping in will make a difference and lessen the pain. Around here, pain has a way of keeping out the riffraff :). Now, off to meet some sleepy head hikers. Till next time, 
Mark and Bobbie

Next post, Ice Lake.


  1. Those mountain meadow flowers are incredibly beautiful.

  2. Nothing quite like a mountain meadow!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing sleepy head hikers' comments

  4. Just catching up on blogs and happy to see the gang has converged on Ouray. Those are some dang impressive wildflowers. I'm looking forward to more.


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