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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Attitude and Altitude Adjustments In Lovely Ouray…

Debbie, Suzanne, Jim, Gayle, Bobbie, and Your's Truly descended en masse for a little post-hike/bike/swim beverage and sustenance at the Ouray Brewery. Jim whined about the vertiginousness of Oak Creek Trail and lack of oxygen, while Suzanne and Your's Truly arm-wrestled for the "check" (regretfully, the incorrigible Winnie Wanderer remains undefeated in that department). And, as if that wasn't enough (ahem) intercourse, another get-together was had at the BCB Mine Shack a few hours later… a welcome party for other late arriving RV contingents, Chris and Mindy (Jeepers from Illinois), and another Chris, a Lazy Dazer who we had yet to meet, and Wildflower regular John Q. and wife Joalenn.

While other members of the Gang were sleeping in, I was up early—anxious to get in a grind up Camp Bird Road on my mountain bike. Recall that the former Gary Fisher is now Ms Trek after pulling a "Bruce Jenner." Anyway, she's a sweet ride… more responsive, easier to ride, and better in bed :)).      

So about the time I'm rolling into Camp Bird, I get a text from Jim asking if I want to hike Oak Creek with everyone. I tell ya, these Lazy Dazers certainly live up to their name, tho I think most of the blame can be laid on Jim. So Jim and Gayle and Debbie and Suzanne wondered guide-less somewhere behind the cliffs pictured below, while I zoom-zoomed back down to Lovely Ouray, where I was compelled to stop by Mouse's Chocolates for one of their to-die-for Scrap Cookies and an Americana. Hey, I earned it!

And (evidently) I earned a Tall Boy IPA and an order of chicken wings at the Brewery a couple hours later, then chips and Guac an salsa and hummus… not to mention way too much corn/bean dip that Mindy made a couple hours after that. Anyway, below is a photo roundup of a very good day in Lovely Ouray. Tomorrow, we head up to Ice Lake on group Wildflower Safari… if we can roust Jim out of bed in time. 

I think the photos below speak for themselves, thus no subtitles… 


  1. Fun times for sure! The BCB Mins Shack is definitely the happening place to be...

  2. Woohoo, it's good to see Suzanne back on the road! Those blurry shots speak to the amount of alcohol and good times! Perfection on the beer bucket/Jim photo!

  3. Wow, you are some kinda stealth with that Mr. Elphie camera!

  4. Yes, it was a very good day in Lovely Ouray.You guys are the best hosts!

  5. Great fun seeing everyone catching up and planning for the next hike. Weather forcast is for sunny skies tomorrow. Looking forward to Ice Lake and yes Jim can make it by 7am with oxygen in his pack.

  6. Nice to see some of the gang back together.

  7. Exercise, fresh air, food and beer, I can't fault it.

  8. At a precise time, they each look to the sky. Each at their own locations. There is a distant star. Or is it a star? It seems to be sparkling with a certain cadence as if tapping out a message..."It is time". Whether star, or Zeus wearing a pulsating headlamp, it is positioned above an improbable Bethlehem, referred to only as "Lovely Ouray". The journey begins.

  9. Thanks for putting up with us "jeeper" people. It was a good time! Looking forward to all your hiking photos!


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