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Friday, July 24, 2015

Above and Beyond Ice Lake… to Island Lake

Dear Lord, I've got turquoise jewelry less turquoise than Island Lake. It sure makes a Lovely Postcard with Bobbie grinning from ear to ear.
All but the last panorama are her photos, as I stayed with the "Had Enough" group to lead them back down the mountain from Ice Lake.

Gamers Gayle and Suzanne

Tamara and Aspen… not so white on the bottom :)

Below is a Panorama of Ice Lake, which now pales in comparison to Island Lake… scroll ➞


  1. What made Island Lake so spectacular was being up even higher and having that "on top of the world" feeling. We want to go back! As beautiful as it looks in the photos you just can't capture that.

  2. ...and the talk turns to, not "if" but "when" we go back. ;-)

  3. Somehow I have to get out there eventually. Just so beautiful!

  4. I wanto sign up for the next tour...

  5. Hard to believe you stayed behind for this amazing lake. It is more turquoise than some of my jewelry too.


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