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Monday, July 27, 2015

Above the Trees

A few of the gang headed up to Molas Pass for a hike on the Colorado Trail—a 500 mile roughly north/south path from Denver to Durango that frequents the Continental Divide. We swung into Silverton on the way home to pick up some weed :).

No time to write it up as we are heading out again for another hike…  but here's the photos :)


  1. More outstanding postcards.....have really enjoyed them lately...good to see Silverton again. You guys are great and don't waste time....time wasted cannot be bought back!

    Thanks for the memories.


  2. What I love most about those hikes in the high country of Colorado is the open spaces, the grassy meadows, the area not all brushy and thick as we have here in our northwest hikes. I gotta get to Colorado!!!

  3. I would have thought your wonderful mountain hikes and alpine home would have been enough of a high.

  4. Looks like John Q. And better half. Stay high!

  5. So jealous! The gang is having a great time with you as tour guide:) Sure is beautiful. That was a great field of daisies...such simple beauty:)

  6. I have to agree with Pam...
    Did you enjoy piano music at lunch? That saloon looks very familiar!

  7. You have definitely given the gang their money's worth in CO.

  8. I loved the daisies! The mountains ain't shabby either.


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