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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

San Rafael Swell and Goblin Valley

"Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter."  John Muir

Every year, it seems, I reach a point where I wonder if the time has come to put the BCB out of our mutual misery...in particular, like now, when I fall far behind. Sure, I could just jump to "real time," I think...skip over all the visual and verbal detritus. But that would leave a gap in what we've come to rely on as a reference to jog memories that hold answers 
to disputes regarding who/what/where/when/how, which, in the moment, seems of great import, but upon reflection a single day later, in the greater scheme which includes the Universe and our pathetic measly role we play in its order and enforcement of its laws of physics...well, our disputes seen rather trivial. 

But, like the Universe, the muse goes on...for now anyway. If for no other meaningful rational than to serve as an arbiter of our who/what/where/when/how disagreements.

A mere 5 hour meander lands us in one of our favorite places. We are snuggled up alongside the San Rafael Swell. No phone, no tv, no problem disassociating from news, politics, and the ongoing meltdown and reversal of desperately needed environmental policies that play a significant role in just how long this good ole earth will support life. Thank you POTUS.   

A crisp morning ushered in blue skies and a promise for afternoon warmth. Bobbie and I walked a scant 200 yards south and hung a right at the first canyon. The walls alternated between radiation of solar warmth and deepfreeze cold according to sun or shade. It was an eye-candy hike, which we somehow turned into a loop, my favorite kind. 

After a day (or was it three?) we departed for Hanksville and our ultimate destination of Capitol Reef. On the way our from our boondock we made time to explore Goblin Valley...believe it or not our first time to do so.

There is much more to Goblin Valley than we thought, and thus only took in a trail that skirted the eastern edge, which may have missed most of the Goblins but was still a scenic wonderland.

We hope this little departure from reality was a glimpse of what John Muir was talking about in the opening quote.
Peace out,
Mark and Bobbie


  1. For some reason, we never make it to Goblin Valley. The rocks look good, as always. It I don't blog, then the unblogged parts of life vanish into the mists. For us it's a historical document if nothing else.

  2. I was just in Goblin Valley last week! Love the photos and I hope you enjoyed Capitol Reef as much as I did. I should have spent longer there.

  3. Capitol Reef?? When..?? Cant wait to read it...

  4. I would like to do Goblin Valley. There are yurts there for rent which could be cool for an overnight. Sending love your way! Hope your new rig is treating you well.

  5. I wonder what old John Muir would think about all these pictures and chatter in this post reaching across the continent and into peoples homes .

    I would like to tell him that after a very busy day to get to sit down and see all of these beautiful scenes I just witnessed knowing two people were exploring them and connecting with Nature & the Earth (their home), I would tell him how Grateful I am and fortunate to know these two people who wether they know it or not are providing a great opportunity for those who might not every experience their real home in this way.

    Aren't we all the lucky ones?

  6. All your hikes are eye-candy hikes! Sure do appreciate you guys sharing your activities with us readers.


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