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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Clouds Part Over The Red Sea

Thanksgiving is a family time, but my family always seems to be scattered to opposite sides of the USA, if not the world. Somehow, though, everyone attempts to reunite this time of year...usually back east. But this year, they came to us here in Zion...some driving through blizzards to get here, some flying to Vegas and renting a car to get here. So, including us, we have 10 Johnsons here... all "motel-ed" up in Springdale, near Zion's gates where we are camped at the campground. In spite of the rainy and snowy weather today, we will get outdoors for a while before partaking in a feast. (Miss you Brother Dan and Elaine!)

A few posts back you got to see Zion in the rain, and you will get to see more of that as we once again seem to be under a Mother Nature's faucet. But we had a one day reprieve a couple days ago. The clouds parted over our Red Sea, and while my son Caleb and daughter-in-law Kelli were snaking their way up to the summit of Angel's Landing, we showed my nephew Darin and his wife, Tracey, one of our favorite loops into Zion's backcountry.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We appreciate your attendance and feedback. 
Peace out, mark, bobbie and, for a few days, the johnson family.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Mark and Bobbie. How wonderful to have your family there in "your" place.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! What fun to have family and celebrate Thanksgiving in Zion country. Enjoy!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from Zionsville, Indiana to the Johnson’s family exploring Zion NP.
    Such a magical landscape to share together.

  4. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family in cold, snowy Zion. Hopefully you'll get a weather break so you can get outside and enjoy before the weather closes in again. We're going to get hammered tonight and tomorrow here in Tucson, so that one will likely get you as well. Safe travels home.

  5. How awesome that family came to you this year! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Sweet pictures!...and another drop dead gorgeous day in Red Rock Country. You have some especially standout pictures here but I love the frozen water the best, those freeze lines are amazing, never seen anything like that.....
    Mark better be getting a hold of Steve now that you have a designer/publisher on the hook :) You got a small Coffee Table Book just on Zion ready to GO.

    Beautiful sunny , cold November Day here in Sonoma Co....with more rain on its way then over to Utah and Zion :)

  7. Good times! Now what to do on this rainy Black Friday...


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