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Monday, November 11, 2019

Capitol Reef: Five Days, Five Hikes...Starting With Navajo Knobs

It's been a long, long time (decades) since our one and only hike to Navajo Knobs. I remember my feet being sore for days after. That it pushes 10 miles with over 2,000 feet of elevation gain/loss (according to the Gaia App) you'd think once was enough. But the day was sunny and calm and warm...warmer than it should be...and we awoke to a strange and unusual sensation of feeling strong. Well, perhaps it was time for a reprise.

The trail doesn't waste time gaining some of that 2,000 feet.

We caught a break from climbing on an intermediate, undulating, mezzanine-like shelf. It afforded arial views of red rocks, the highway, and a greenbelt of irrigated orchards planted by Mormon pioneers. 

Note Park Visitor's Center at top-right...

Navajo Knobs is more or less a rim trail where a short detour gains panoramic viewpoints. Aptly named, Castle Rock is featured above, just to the right of center.

A sandstone rim walk

Small cairns mark the way...
View west, toward Torrey, Bicknell and Loa.
View east toward Hanksville and the Reef-like San Refael Swell,  fading into the horizon.

Just about the time we felt like the "knobs" were long overdue, voila! 

Time to turn around. But first, some views from the back-a-behind Navajo Knobs...

Mark, standing on one of the Knobs, trying to comprehend nature's chaos. You could get really lost down there...

Volcanic sputum

Thanks for tagging along.
Peace Out,
mark and bobbie


  1. WOW.......the Navajo KNOBS.........just got a sneak peak at them on the way home and we are already getting excited about seeing more of them next fall.....will have to stay later in Ouray I guess because we want those leaves Yellow when we drive thru Arches.

    Beautiful views of the Water Pocket Fold ? (right) If that hike doesn't create a stampede to Arches people aren't paying attention!

  2. We did this one back in June,didn't make it all the way to the Knobs, was pretty hot that day, we called it at the overlook. One of the better hikes in the Reef!

  3. Oh boy, waking up feeling strong and then proving it with a 10 mile hike with a 2000 ft. elev gain! Now that is my kind of day - NOT! It used to be..... you two continue to inspire us. xo-Scamp

  4. I was on my roof over the weekend clearing the leaves from my gutters and enjoying the Fall colors. I was feeling a bit nervous being on my steep roof and thought of you climbing in the slot canyons. I kept telling myself to “trust the shoes” hoping I wouldn’t fall two stories to the ground.
    Great photos of the slot canyons from your prior post and of Navajo Knobs.

  5. I'm really missing Utah after seeing these photos! Looks like a glorious hike.

  6. Another epic adventure! Funny, we have come to expect that if you two hiking monsters. Photos excellent, I feel like we’re there with you. Keep on keeping on 🥾

  7. The views from the Knob are amazing but it is a haul to get there but worth it. Great job!


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