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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Goldie's For Sale By Owner!!!

Picture yourself Boondock Camped in the vast American West...for free!!!  Yes folks, Goldie's For Sale!!!
Though I promised Bobbie that Goldie was our last Rv...that she could bury me in it should I we go again, upgrading.

No, we're not buying a new rig....we don't do that any more. But we are buying a new used rig from friends who decided 10 years was enough of being on the road full-time adventures (We'll see how long they last, hee hee).

We are leaving to pick up our new (used) rv Tuesday. We damn sure don't need two, so I'm reducing the price from $11,950 to $9,750!

So here's the nitty gritty on Goldie:

Three large panoramic windows in the rear "Goldie's lounge" area/Tv room for lots of light and views

I sleep in Goldies' lounge on a bed that makes into a couch...with a large storage area underneath. Footstools add additional storage. 
Not to mention the 3 large overhead storage cabinets. Custom blinds for privacy and to block sun.

Tv room with rear inverter for converting power to run Tv.

This is my "bed" when it's converted to a couch... it's seats up to four people, plus 2 footstools and my recliner makes room for 7. (yes, we've had that many in there)

Hinged under bed storage area...also makes into a larger bed when top 1 X 12 is folded out (which I don't feel is necessary for me)

Dining area has a large window

Kitchen/dining area and front cab. Bobbie sleeps up top.

Bobbie sleeps up top...there is a large quick release escape hatch over her bed in case of ????


Rest room/sink

A recent Boondock on Combs Ridge, Utah

Current Boondock...lots of solar!!!

Rig has a large lockable aluminum storage box and bike rack on the rear

Any questions call 970 497


1994 Lazy Daze. Mechanically sound with 3 80 watt solar panels on roof and 4 Trojan Batteries, and remodeled rear lounge.
Price: $11,950 Now reduced to $9,750 dollars. 
Length/floor plan: 26.5 foot mid-bath
Chassis: Ford  
Miles: two owner, 84,000 miles
Engine: 460 ford
Colors: Cream and Tan brown
Paint Scheme: Traditional stripes
Interior colors: Blue, with some aspen paneling in rear
Service records: partial
Air Conditioning: great.
Generator: No...but plenty of solar.
Sat. TV. No
Non smoking Rv.
No pets
Solar: 3 80 watt panels on roof
Condition: Needs wax job, but pretty clean and straight
Stored originally in garage, now outside
Phone: 970-497-0053
Link to photos:
Misc notables:  Rear room has been remodeled into a nice, window-surrounded "lounge/tv" sitting room with nice custom blinds for all windows and a couch that converts into a twin size bed. Front area and shower/bathroom is original except for laminate flooring. Air conditioning, Fridge, HWH, furnace, microwave all work great. Previous owners only used rig for occasional camping, and we use it to spend Oct. and November in Utah...and February thru March in Southern Arizona.  This rig is set up for backcountry boondocking, which is how we used it. Rig also has a good sized locking aluminum toolbox/storage unit on rear... and a bike rack. 

We are selling because friends Jim and Gayle have decided to sell their newer-larger-slightly nicer, barely used :) Lazy Daze. 

Any questions call 970 497 0053 or email


  1. Wow! Things are a happening!

    We had planned to be out on the road during October but issues with our tenant kept us at home. Will have to plan a spring trip to Moab & Klondike Hills ......

  2. We'll meet you there! Come ready to ride :)
    mark and bobbie


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