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Friday, November 22, 2019

Doubling Down: A Friday "Two-fer"

Live out your dreams, not your fears...

It's been said that it's not an Adventure till things go wrong. If we had a nickel for every time we've been lost, dazed or confused we'd be able to pay someone to hike in our place. 

But we weren't lost or confused on Juliet's last outing...

She's back at work now, in one of the greater Seattle burbs...losing her Utah tan and watching it rain. Speaking of which, it's supposed to stop raining here today!

After Juliet's departure, Bobbie and Your's Truly took Chris on a loop-hike back-a-beyond Cockeyed Falls. We did this "orienteering" hike last year with new Rv friends Tom and Charmaine. It was a hit and miss affair then, and again this time. No trail, enjoyably long and scenic, and empty of people. And you get to see it from the comfort of your favorite chair!!! 

And, of course, I've been "do'in da Monkey" on my bike...

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Peace out
mark and bobbie


  1. I'll have you know that although its barely 40 degrees today max, it is NOT raining! Might need to come to AZ in Feb/March to warm up though

    1. Yes! Do come...renew your tan :)
      As for the "not raining," give it a day or two :)
      Guide Noir, Mark :)

  2. My favorite chair and I say thank you! Thank you very much!

    1. Lovely wonderful scenery and watching your friends and Bobbie trekking carefully in that beautiful country, all from my favorite chair!

  3. I want to see it all, don't stop till you have explored every mountain and every canyon this land holds ........but please don't put your life at risk, but if you do just don't post pictures of it :)
    Hey we have our 1st rains coming to the better part of N. Calif starting this Tues so maybe we can forget about the Fires and evacuations & just in time for Thanksgiving....now that's something to be thankful for!
    Stay Thirsty My Friends
    D & A

  4. Can’t wait to connect! Kelli and hiked Mount Wilson yesterday. 12.8 miles and 2800 ft of elevation gain through, what felt like, all 4 seasons in one outing. Got to watch the clouds burn off over Sedona peeling back the veil for some spectacular views.

    1. You guys!!! We are impressed...and thrilled for you to get to experience such things, and proud that you want to.
      Pushing limits outdoors: It doesn't get any better, and you'll never be any closer to Heaven while on this earth.
      We are anxious to meet up tomorrow sometime...hope you get to squeeze in Antelope's Slot Canyon on your way here.
      mark and bj

  5. I love the opening quote! I Googled it and found this inspirational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj-tfFZJyrM.
    I'll be in Ouray this weekend but I imagine you'll still be out and about. Let me know if you'll be in town.


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