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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Seven Days In Fall: Day 4, Corbett Creek/Dallas Loop Hike...Plus A Surprise Party

With oak brush and aspens above Lovely Ouray on fire with color, we set boot to trail again...weary from recent miles and altitude.
Friends, Bruce and Tamara, joined us for this rugged, but splendorious loop up Corbett Creek Trail and down Dallas Trail. 

We had to start early because there was something secret going on later in the day. Wonder what it could be?

Pretending she was going to the Hot Springs Pool for a soak and massage, Kelli left the house around 2:30 in the afternoon. Caleb had plans to meet an old high school friend, Nick, for dinner. Nick was "in" on the "secret," a decoy to get Caleb out of the house. 

As soon as they drove off, Bobbie and I threw on some better clothes and raced over to The Secret Garden (where they were married) for Kelli's surprise party...a belated 40th birthday/3rd anniversary gift to Caleb. Nick told Caleb that his cousin worked at the Secret Garden and she wanted to go along for dinner and drinks, so Caleb had no idea what was about to happen :)


Caleb and his mom, Elane...first to get a hug.

Sneaky Kelli....


Caleb, blowing out the 40th birthday candle on his cupcake.

Friends Justin, Amber and Nick.

Thanks to Kelli. She pulled off a wonderful surprise. We love you guys!

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  1. Belated Happy Anniversary to C & K and Happy Birthday to Caleb, you are at your Prime Caleb, there is nothing you can't do....best of all you are getting to learn about your real Mother, the Earth so you are on the right track....just watch your footing :)

    What a great day that was for a hike, so cool and what better way to spend your birthday and your anniversary.....Congratulations to you both.

    Doug & Al


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