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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Seven Days In Fall...Day 1

"We all age and weaken and die. What we are, and are not, is largely a product of the choices we make. We only live once, and most of us don't even do that."  On The Wild Edge, David Petersen. 

The next posts are from recent fall hikes with Hiker Bobbie,  son, Weightlifter Caleb, and daughter-in-law, Zoom-Zoom Kelli. 

Caleb and Kelli are co-owners of Osage Beach RV Park at Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri. Their park sits on a 40 acre ridge-top amongst well-manicured grounds and hardwood forest, and has generously sized sites to maximize privacy and peaceful camping. Their park also borders a State Park, with trails, beach access and boat-ramps for great hiking, swimming and fishing opportunities. 

Caleb and Kelli flew in (from near sea level) for 8 days of intense Autumnal Hiking, We crammed in as many miles as we could, mostly above timberline, rising early and venturing into the wild and cold and wind to places they had yet to experience. 
It was brutal, but beautiful. 

First up, Porphyry Basin, Bullion King Lake to Columbine Lake...

"Perhaps we make our stand along the edge...like a person who, having lived with another tribe, can no longer wholly return to his own. He lingers half within and half outside of his community...then...the shifting voices and flapping forms that crawl and hover beyond the mirrored walls of the city." The Spell of the Sensuous,  David Abram.

Oh to be young. Caleb and Kelli showed no ill effects from "altitude!" 

Peace out,
Mark and Bobbie...now "on the road" to Somewhere, Utah.


  1. Only wish we had met you & Bobbie 25 yrs ago.......these hikes of yours certainly have the power to connect one with the Earth like no other experience that I know of.

    Don't have to worry about Caleb & Kelli they are getting an early indoctrination of knowing Mother Earth at this a pivotal time in their young lives.

    Very inspirational hike


  2. Recognized this one from the first couple of pictures! Sounds like you all had some quality family and hiking time together!

  3. Finally!!!! Florida guy!!!! Thanks for Caleb update!

  4. When I saw that you led off with a quote from one of my favorite books (On the Wild Edge), I knew that I had to read on. Gorgeous photos. It looks like autumn hadn’t given away to winter yet. We are in Utah too, chuckling a bit as our home is being hammered with snow. We will be there soon enough... for now, we’ll enjoy the sun and warmth.


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