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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Seven Days In Fall: Day 6

And what is life, really, but the moment?
Now is where the past leaves off.
Now is where the future begins.
Here and now is all and everything...
Gone in a heart-stopping flash.
On The Wild Edge,  David Petersen

It's day 6 and our legs are beat, bruised and battered. So we decide to take a day off. 
Bobbie does a long walk pumping hand-weights.

Kelli and I go to the Hot Springs Pool and swim a mile's worth of laps followed by a good soak.

Caleb hits the gym to lift weights.

There is no rest for the wicked, addicted movement junkies. 

I have no photos of our "day off." But recall that Caleb and Kelli are here to celebrate Caleb's 40th birthday, as well as their 3rd anniversary (they were married in Lovely Ouray). So, with no "fresh" photos, I thought I would throw up a few from the past...starting with a reenactment of Caleb's proposal to Kelli on the the Perimeter Trail's High Bridge.

Caleb congratulates Kelli for pushing up Hayden Trail in a fierce gale wind

Kelli's friend, Arianna, from the Netherlands and Bobbie: enjoying a fall hike at Crystal Lake 

Silverton Hike

Mother Cabrini Shrine hike

Spring hike up Camp Bird Road to Yankee Boy Basin

Lovely Ouray in fall

A father-son-wife flooring project at Osage Beach Rv Park, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.


  1. Cool.....what a nice post, Ouray in the fall , Ouray in the Winter, fun family shots....what's not to like?....and what were you doing in Golden Colorado if I may ask?


  2. Someday in another decade these wonderful photos will bring huge smiles to y'all :)


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