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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Seven Days In Fall: Like God, On The 7th Day I Rested (While Everybody Else Worked Out)

As you may notice from the photos, I've jumped ahead for a sneak peek this year's meander to Southwest Utah. We loaded Goldie to the gills and have been out for two glorious weeks...tromping through red dust and sandstone, which to me, is akin to Heaven!

Twas the 7th day—Wednesday, October 9th. Caleb and Kelli's flight out from Montrose International Airport was scheduled to depart at 3:00 PM. That morning I opted for a much needed (albeit embarrassing) nap while everyone else got out for some exercise. Hey, if God needed to rest on the seventh day then I figured that was permission enough. Good thing Bobbie and I trained for this solid week of high altitude hiking.  😰   

 After being penned up in storage all summer, Goldie was itching to get back on the road again...kinda like Canned Heat and Willie Nelson...and so was I. Those stories and photos will be forthcoming. 

Suffice it to say that, lately, we've reunited with fellow Red Rocks Gang member Chris and his lovely and talented writer-daughter/outdoor lover-hiker, Juliet, and now I need another nap. 

Teaser: I will be breaking some really, really, really big RV news shortly (for us, anyway).  So stay tuned...

We hope you enjoyed this mostly photo and extended version of Ms Autumn's Glory in Southwest Colorado! "Real-time is coming soon, depending on Verizon's cooperation.

Peace out,
mark and bobbie...on the road again.


  1. Sweet Jesus don't string us out like that, were 75 going on our last breath, if you've got some Big News put it out there man :)
    Besides we've got a Wild Fire burning just N of us and hell we may have to evacuate Someday :) ......so don't let this Big News string us out too far........
    (I bet the house sold?)


  2. Can hardly wait to hear more! Mark, you'd enjoy hiking in the company of these scientists/geologists in this program, link is . . .


  3. Bet we can guess what your big news is ;-)

  4. Whoa. I just saw your big news. Is a new RV in the works? Did I see Temple Mountain in one of these photos?

  5. Just reading all you did for the past 7 days made me tired! I don't blame you for resting!


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