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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Seven Days In Fall: Day 3, Cutler Creek Loop Hike

"Give thanks for moments of wild abandon (that) lift us from our daily drudge and put us up on the silver screen, rather than out in the audience getting fat on popcorn." David Petersen, "On The Wild Edge"

Next, Bobbie, Caleb, Kelli and your's truly, made a loop hike through aspen country starting at Cutler Creek Trailhead...then hung a left on Oakeson Trail, another left on Baldy, left again on Shortcut, and one last left on Storm Gulch. Sometimes four "lefts" make a "right," not to mention an inspiring loop hike instead of an "out-and-back."


  1. I'm tired and it's only day 3 ;-) The Cutler Creek trail definitely looks better in the fall. I'm impressed that those "kids" were able to keep up with you and Bobbie given they live at much lower elevation.

  2. Thank you for helping make Kelli & Caleb’s trip so exquisite!! And for sharing such beautiful photos. I continue to live vicariously through your exploits!

    1. Thanks, Joyce. Such a wonderful couple...tho it's getting harder to keep up with them :)

  3. God was that ever our kind of hike.....but still don't think we could have made that one either.....could have laid down and died in any one of those Aspen scenes.....Have to to start planning next years trip now!



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