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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wasson Peak

This year the Jet Stream has been horseshoeing deep into Old Mexico. Storm after storm, followed by cold front after cold front; it's wreaking havoc with our limited winter wardrobe. 

I mentioned to winter "locals" Jim and Allison a few evenings ago that it feels more Seattle than Sonoran. And me, without one single pair of long pants (not that I would actually wear them).

It's been so cool and wet this year in "sunny" Southern Arizona we've hardly worked up a good sweat on outings. Such were the conditions on a cold, breezy day after sitting out a couple days of rain and wind. Skies had cleared and we were itching to get outdoors for an extended hike...before the next wave of weather rolled in. We headed a couple miles up the road to the Wasson Peak trailhead.  

Knowing it would be windy and cold going up, I had a pack stuffed with gloves, stocking cap and multiple layers of polypro. Nothing I could do about the shorts, though I did ponder wearing my flannel PJs for a moment. Naw. Not there yet. Maybe in a couple years...

The Sonoran Desert is particularly verdant and clear this year. All the cold fronts and subsequent rain sweeps air pollution out to sea, leaving crisp, clean air and far views in it's wake. A good day to have a look at Tucson from the top of Wasson. Might even be able to see the surrounding mountains! 

It's been a few years since we viewed the petroglyphs in King's Canyon, so we opted for the wash approach, below the trail...

Ala Groucho Marx: "Hows about I show you my etchings."  :)
This one resembles a Diamond Back Rattlesnake! Perhaps a warning?

Sheesh, men...always exaggerating their "manhood."

It was so cold it took a long time for poppies to unwrap from slumber.

The objective!

A gangly saguaro gives directions to Wasson Peak...

Kitt and Baboquivari peaks to the west 

Kitt Peak Observatory complex

First glimpse of Tucson

The last stretch before the summit

From the top, 4,687 feet above sea level...about a 2,000 foot climb, er, "hike," actually. Windy all the way up, but nary a breeze on top. Huh...

Coming home...


  1. Loving all the flowers, can't wait to see them in person this weekend...assuming we can get out of Prescott...

  2. Let us know if you need us to bring you some long underwear. They are starting to go on sale now! ;-)

  3. Another lovely day and a lovely hike; would imagine the cold will keep the rattlers in their dens.
    I know that Pine Cone theory is right now. Did you hear Zion had a blizzard and two people got caught in quick sand but were rescued.
    Just looked at all my live web cams and it's still snowing in Mammoth Mt. Ridgeway, Lake Tahoe and more too come for Calif. Our firewood won't last much longer and I don't feel like putting up another cord in the garage, so if the sun is shinning will have to forgo the pleasures of a real fire .
    Our poppies are growing now so imagine by March they will be opening in this cold Winter.
    Ain't Nature Grand!
    Stay Thirsty my friends

  4. I really like your last photo of the poppies! Well done!

  5. That’s true about the weather in southern Arizona this winter. In fact there seems to be another blast arriving right about now! Might be a good day to hit the mall and pick up some long pants 😁 Chris

  6. This is all so cool (literally I guess). We'll be in Phoenix and northern AZ the end of March. I hope it warms up a little, but just in case I'll bring pants.

  7. Excellent photos and nice hike. We are here in Snowy Seattle this year. Normally spend our winter in Quartzsite, in the Magic Circle.
    Las Vegas seeing snow to-day most since 1937.
    Location of your trail, we would like to find and try.
    Thanks and be safe.

  8. When we lived in Seattle, we would speed walk up the Chiraco trail in the winter when it was too cold to ride. The uniform of the day was long underwear under shorts. They're not confining like pants and keep one surprisingly warm. Of course, we weren't trekking through two feet of snow....


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