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Monday, February 18, 2019

How to evade disappointment

I have yet to repair our two flat front tires, so we hike. Whatever...doesn't matter. Ever notice that people who hold the lowest expectations are generally the most highly satisfied in life?

The west is well-watered this winter! Saguaros are borderline obese, and there's a warm lime-green glow to the desert. Brittle bush are crowned with yellow flowers, as poppies run riot on sun-faced slopes in various hues of startling orange. Ocotillos tips burst in blowtorch red blossoms. Throw in cooler-than-average temps, cerrulean skies and a smattering of clouds...priceless.

Lavender granite

Brilliant peach granite

Alaskan Salmon granite



  1. Totally agree. If a person has no expectations, then he/she will never be disappointed. Many will consider this philosophy as a negative attitude. I think of it as a positive outlook.

  2. Just like when I get up in the am I set simple goals and only a couple. Then I can say I got my work done and can play! Perfect!!

  3. I so enjoy your photos

    1. I enjoy them, too. Thx Mark and Bobbie, for taking us along on your beautiful hike!

  4. Thank you as always for the beautiful photos. Hard to believe (since I live in California and it isn't that far) but on my bucket list is to see a Saguaro cactus in person!

  5. Mark you didn't mention the temperature this day but it looks Heavenly, those clouds just give the desert a more pleasing & inviting atmosphere for hiking & exploring, there is a lot to take in. Al would have to have a piece of the Peach Granite among others I sure.
    Still snowing in the Little Switzerland, that Reservoir might just start to look like one this summer :)


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