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Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Well Bouldered Sonoran Desert Hike Through Catalina's Snowcapped Mountain Foothills

We are comfortably boondocked next to an old corral in the well-bouldered foothills of the Catalina Mountains. A mere stone's-throw from camp, the 50 Year Trail meanders by. It leads to dozens more trails that twist and wind through pristine Sonoran desert. Stately saguaros salute with arms pointing every which way as we explore the upward reaches of some of the most captivating country imaginable... 


  1. Wow your morning started out BEAUTIFUL; did you see any stagecoaches and a feller riding shotgun flying thru that Old West scene?
    Sure looks mighty peaceful.
    Got ponchos?

  2. I love where you are right now. Somehow "life" has gotten in the way of us getting out there but we will be there for a long trip later in the spring. I say "later in the spring" because it sure looks like spring there!!! I love seeing the cacti with the snow capped hills in the background.

    1. Flowers, especially poppies, are early this year due to all the rain!!!


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