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Monday, February 4, 2019

Obscure 125 Year Old Desert Resort Springs To Life Again

I'm guessing it's been twenty-some years since Bobbie and I explored an obscure and rugged backroad to take a peek at the century old Castle Hot Springs. We found it pretty much in ruin back then, but my oh my, from fire and ash rises a new "Phoenix," or at least a new resort destination for well-heeled Phoenicians.
I've provided a few links for those with interest about Castle Hot Springs history and, more importantly, its future.  

newspaper story from 1994.

A little Castle Hot Springs history.

And proposed new Lodging rates; I guess we won't be staying at the new Castle Hot Springs Resort  :). 

Another property just a few miles up the road from Castle Hot Springs seems to be falling into disrepair.

Castle Hot Springs Resort is surrounded by pristine Sonoran Desert vegetation and mountains

Peeking between steel bars on the new fancy-smancy metal gate. What used to be a golf course is now slated for lawn. Water in these parts is just too scarce, if not precious. 


  1. Pretty proud of those rooms, aren't they???

  2. Totally out of my budget. I prefer natural springs surrounded by nature for free.

  3. Interesting looking place but those room rates are rather shocking!

  4. Kind of pricey for a hotel off the beaten path over 20+ miles of sometimes awful road!

  5. My husband always says if you have enough money you can have a 747 turn around cuz you forgot to kiss your wife good bye....I guess those people have enough money....the investors and the people that will stay there. good luck to them...

  6. Wow, it looks gorgeous there. I just reached my limit on snowy weather! Maybe I can convince the Runner that we need to go down there :) We won't be staying in those rooms either!

  7. It's not the money/richness that's unappealing to me, it's the being "pampered" part that doesn't sit well with me. I wouldn't want to go somewhere if my fellow-adventurers in the dining room or hot pool were snobbish, attention-seekers and selfish to some extent, the kind of folks who WANT to be pampered and will pay for it. Not my kind of fun! In fact, pretty disgusting.

  8. Roosevelt, Rockefeller’s and Vanderbilt’s..........................
    yep they can afford the room rates.

  9. Those room rates are just stupid.

  10. We won't be staying there again. We actually had to pour our own coffee. Can you imagine? And I won't even mention the eggs. And the pool. They promised 80 degrees. It was 78. I checked. What a fraud. We may have to consult with one of our attornies.


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