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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Road To Happiness Is Paved In Red

Something challenging to do, in a place that inspires me to do it, and a friendly face or two with whom to do it, that's all I need.

Zion is the winsome woman in the room, bewitching, captivating, and disarmingly drop-dead-gorgeous. Being a sucker for anything Red—Corvettes, sun dresses, rocks—she targets my predilection like a guided missile, straight to the heart.  

Hiking Petroglyph Canyon with Bobbie and fellow blogger/hiking-mate Suzanne, I caught myself ogling (mouth all agape, a little drop of drool in one corner), trolling for adjectives and trying to come up with the right words in the right order such that they might convey what, to me, is nothing short of a dazzling landscape. There are but few places where words are utterly inadequate and fall short of the glory of God. The trail-less canyon backcountry of Zion is one of those places.   

After wandering "Petroglyph," we opt for another short hike into a nameless canyon. It requires some bouldering, and the rocks are refrigerator cold. Bobbie dons her fleece gloves and headband.

Our effort is rewarded with this little waterfall. I know a route that would enable us to continue on to the next "level," but I'm underdressed. The cold seeps ever nearer arthritic joints that deplore damp, sunless places. I long for hot food and beverage. Backtrack, baby; sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.  

Bobbie hold the boulder while Suzanne slips through the crack :)


  1. I wonder if anyone who hasn't actually been there sees these photos the way folks who know what it is to be steeped in red see them. Words don't come close, no matter how hard you try. Photos come closer, but then again, as I said, if you have never been there do the photos really show the dazzling intensity, or do I only see it because it is stamped in my memory.

  2. aaawwwwhhh...I love that picture walking down that red road! Oh, how I miss those red roads. I also miss the white "trapezoid mountain" in that red canyon. But most of all, I miss my hiking buddies. ;-(

  3. Now that header is a little too close to the edge!! I really like the photo of Bobbie and Suzanne walking down the road:) Very cool canyon. We'll have to check this one out on our next visit! Super photos, Mark, as always:)

  4. Glorious! Makes me want to be there, exploring nameless canyons...I know you realize how fortunate you are...thank you so much for sharing these places with those of us who cannot be there now!

  5. I agree with Sue. If you've never been it's hard to imagine from photos the feeling of being surrounded by those massive colorful rocks.
    And that's a great shot of Suzanne and Bobbie on the road!

  6. Trolling for adjectives...been there!

  7. Inspiring!!!! Time to get off the beach and hit the road.


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