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Monday, November 9, 2015

Many Options On The "Many Pools" Hike

The hike up Many Pool's canyon(s) can be as easy or hard as you feel like making it. But one thing is for sure, it is a slap-in-the-face gorgeous trek.

I could see myself doing a cannonball into a couple of the deeper pools if the water was just a wee little bit warmer… say like in September or early October. 

We caught Maples wrapped in their full glory this year, instead of half naked. I don't know why Colorado doesn't have Maples. Why would they stop at the state line. Same with Manzanita, with its lovely bleeding red bark. And while I'm asking questions for which there seem to be no answers, why do some people love to surround themselves in red rocks?

We spooked a Big Horn Sheep ram with a nice set of horns in one canyon.

Chris spotted a summit off in the distance and thought we should climb it. Of course it got steeper after we started up.

But everyone made it and it was a great place to have lunch. We spotted a parallel canyon from our perch… a semi slot that needs to be explored! 

Then we descended and crossed over to the other side of the canyon to check out a few cool Hoo Doosl

We named this palette, "50 shades of Zion."

Da Professor :))


  1. This is a great place to wander and create your own adventures! We just love the east of the park. So glad many haven't discovered it:) I don't remember if your gang has visited Shelf Canyon? The entrance is right by the lower parking lot for the Overlook Trail on the east side.

  2. That is one hike we missed and were so looking forward to exploring. It does look gorgeous! Maybe next year...

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous......

  4. Mark... You never disappoint with your photos. However, this set is above and beyond! What a place . . .


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