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Friday, November 6, 2015

Men In PInk Tights

When Jesus was treading around the Middle East in his Teva sandals, you know, healing the lame, raising the dead, and turning well water into a fine Pinot Noir (hic), there were more people (Native Americans, to be politically correct) inhabiting this area of Utah than now. 

Take another look at that lead photo. Now imagine living and playing in such an "Adventure-land," and having it nearly all to yourself. Believe it or not, Southcentral and SoutheastUtah averages about one inhabitant per square mile (as you might guess, this does not include Moab). It's mean and hostile country with three seasons: Hot and windy, cold and windy, and flash flood wet and windy. It's the kind of place where you can get sun and wind burned to a crisp during the day, and freeze to death shortly after the sun goes down. 

The topography double dog dares you to try and cross… places like Hell's Backbone and Box Death Hollow are not meant for modern man. Either you (or your body) could disappear in there and never ever be found. And therein, lies it's magnetism.

Dick and Suzy, friends of ours, went exploring in the Cedar Mesa area a few years back… a short hike that turned into a three day test of survival skills. Now that doesn't sound like a long time, but when it's hot, and you're forced to drink muddy, bug-infested water, without food, stumbling around in canyons having not a clue as to which way to go, and those bugs you drank begin to reproduce in your intestinal tract, well, it's worse than spending a month with your in-laws. 

Not really wanting to get in the cage with him, we dance around the edges and poke this "badger" with long sticks. It's fun to play make-believe, pretend to your audience that you are tougher than Utah's "elements." But the Devil lives in places like Hell's Backbone and Box Death Hollow. He knows when you're lying, and is eager to prove it to you.  

I've seen lots of pictographs, but I can't recall seeing one where the figures seem to be holding hands… 

Calf Creek Falls


  1. Thought I recognized the landscapes in the first photos. Knew for sure when I spotted the three guys. Our favorite part of the lower 48. Looking forward to seeing more of it from your perspective.

  2. I wanna' do that hike ... Cool! Of course I'll just skirt the edges too.

  3. Getting lost in the desert...a very scary thought!
    Calf Creek Falls is very pretty!

  4. amazing--- but of course this what we have become to expect with each blog! yes we are a tad bit spoiled! Walden creek rv steve


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