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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parting Shot "Postcards" From Cedar's Edge and Grand Mesa

There is an olden town within the town of Cedaredge, one that wasn't there when we last passed through. A new old town. Residents and council went to great expense and effort to reconstruct a typical vintage western village, complete with saloon, bank, mercantile, school, cabins, boarded sidewalks... you name it. Sand Creek ia not a facade; the interiors are period works of art and antiques. It made me want to shoot a western movie, but there was no one around for "extras."

So I'll close this year's fall album of Cedaredge and Grand Mesa with some final parting shots for your visual entertainment, and save my verbose balladry for the next postcard time and place. 

Before I go, though, I must take exception with my left-brained fellow blogger's claim that "scenery" is "silly," that it's just "an excuse to go somewhere." Scenery is so much more than that to me... in fact, I would put it up there as one of my top ten reasons for living. That might ring shallow to some, but I can't remember a time when I didn't feel that way... from Death Valley, to the giant Redwoods, to the ragged coastline of Oregon, to the highest of alpine peaks... I am drawn to places that enthrall, engross... transfix. 

Scenery has an important place and purpose in my life, every bit as much as the symphony does for my friend. I have difficulty separating the subject, scenery, from the art it inspires, be it photography, painting, theatrical productions, or any creative endeavor. In fact, "scenery" is music to my ears... a painting for sore eyes, a most dramatic production. If scenery doesn't rock your soul, raise a few goosebumps, lift your spirits, inspire.... what the heck does? What is the purpose of taking up a boondocking RV life without the variety and contrast of scenery? Why have windows? 

Sorry, pal, I had to defend the honor of my Fair Maiden. Art  imitates Life, and, vice versa. It's a circle.  

Wooden grain silos

Main Street Sand Creek

I wonder if the beer is cold?

One of the shops in The Apple Shed

Returning home to The Crevice...


  1. Delightful blog today. Pithy, not too sweet, and great scenery shots, both long distance and close up.

    I'm in your camp when it comes to scenery. Love it.


  2. My life revolves around the change in scenery.

  3. It seems that passion comes to different folks in different ways. There is no way you could get me to an opera or the symphony , though I know for some that is what they live for. I'm glad that they have found their passion. Besides if they all loved what I love it would be way to crowded out there for me to be at one with nature. I'm with you.... give me a symphony in natures sights and sounds!

  4. You hit the nail square on the head with your scenery comments. I can't understand anyones reason for travel other than to experience the visual aspect of it.

  5. We now have three Imax windows in "Old Blue" and we are in total agreement that scenery plays a big and important part in our travels. We "RV in beauty" -Scamp

  6. Travel Bug,
    Yes, brevity is the soul of wit...
    And you are welcome in my "scenery camp" anytime :))

    It would be too crowded... and with crowds come rules. To each their own...

    Jerry C
    Since "scenery" is so visual, I wonder how blindness would change the experience... would nature become a more visceral engagement, or would we use our memory and just replay it? Hmm.

    The Lazy Daze windows are wonderful. I hope to see Old Blue out our windows some day soon.
    thanks for commenting,

  7. All about the visual for me too, but that's why we take the photographs, isn't it? Seeing something beautiful lifts my heart. I'm not a city girl, too much to look at, most of it uninspiring. We've been talking about those windows in your Lazy Daze and while camping this past week noticed how all the other class C's had teeny ones. Yuck! We're still thinking about a 30 foot Montana fifth wheel in 4 or 5 years. They have nice windows too!

  8. Pam and Wayne,
    The way Lazy Daze wrapped the windows around the back room make you feel like your getting a Panorama shot.
    I think my eyes must be connected to my heart...


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