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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going, Going... Gone

Tho Ms Autumn is not fully gone, she's certainly packing her bag today. A storm blew into The Crevice overnight... bringing industrial grey clouds, leaf stripping winds, and now, rain. Looking out the Imax, you'd think we lived in the molehill Ozarks... most of our gorgeous mountains are obliterated by a pallid funeral cloth of dismal clouds.

Nature ups the ante about this time every year, as if to say, "Enough, already. Time to move on." I guess if one wants a lingering fall, the Ozarks is the price they'll have to pay. This frontal attack of elements dampens light and color, fells leaves, and makes me feel like I should have stayed in bed. Pity, the beginning of the end is finally blustering through Lovely Ouray, along with it our season of light clothes, outside brews and bar-be-cues. Trees are being forced to disrobe. Soggy leaves swirl into gutters on streams of muddied rainwater (sigh). 

And now, I see the rain has turned to snow. 
A door slams. 
Goodbye Ms Autumn... 

"For how is it not absurd, if whilst removing another's downheartedness, thou art thyself downhearted?" Apostle Paul, to the Corinthians.


  1. Walden Creek RV steveOctober 13, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    Mark- You never disappoint in BCB- from apostle Paul- to Thoreau- to Eric Clapton- plus add great pictures-Of course you know by now-that i enjoy a good rant the best- thanks buddie!- now get out on the road -recharge- soak up some sun and enjoy!The best is yet to come in my view!

  2. We still have Ouray as one of our saved locations on weather.com. When we saw it was 32 and snowing there this morning we decided you guys waited too late to get out of Dodge!

  3. Such a wonderful feast for my eyes this morning.

  4. FYI, she's just arriving in central Cali. I saw a few red leaves on the dogwood yesterday at Calaveras Big Trees! ; )

  5. Ah, the seasons doth change until we meet again.

    Snowed here yesterday and now melted away.

  6. Time to pack your bags and get Goldie outta there! BTW, we're back! -twoscamps ;^)

  7. Friday around 10:30am we had a hailstorm at the base of Mesa Verde. Early this morning there was a dusting of snow up in the park. I hope the snow stays away until I get out of here.

  8. Walden Steve,
    Gracious, Amigo. I feel a rant building. They don't come as often as they used to... since I handed in my resignation :)).

    Jim and Gayle,
    We'll wait for a window of good weather... the forecast for D-Day is holding good. Thanks, See you on the road somewhere...

    Jim and Sandie,
    And your comment made my day. Thank you.

    Nice! That's pretty country, central California. I look forward to the Maples in Zion, also red! Thanks.

    When the white stuff starts sticking around, time to leave. As long as it melts off the next day, tho, I kind of like it :))

    Two Scamps,
    Oh, I see your name is now a clickable link! Ok everyone... click Scamps link! I'll add you to my blog list pronto! Welcome home :))

    The weather looks like it's on the mend. Cortez is about where the snow stops, anyway... till December. God speed and enjoy Texas gulf coast area.
    thanks, mark

  9. Just a word of thanks for the wonderful pictures.

  10. Donna K,
    Why thank you :)). A guy could be blind and take good photos around Lovely Ouray...


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