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Monday, October 29, 2012

CowBoy Brian and Ms Heidi Come Knocking On Goldie's Front Door

CowBoy Brian and Ms Heidi graced Goldie's expandable dinette last night. Only problem was I forgot that it expands, so we had a nice visit squeezed together like sardines. Good thing I took a shower. They brought chips, salsa and cookies, while we provided  fresh baked petite pies from Capital Reef's Gifford House Bakery... peach and cherry. I already consumed the apple while it was still warm out of the oven yesterday. Ms Heidi is on a roll with being an active, outdoor RV'er. You won't believe what she has the old CowBoy doing today. I gotta see this, so we'll be joining them :))

I'll try and get the San Rafael Swell Slot Canyon Slither posted next (try saying that fast). There is video involved so I need to find a high speed internet cafe... preferably one with fresh baked pies. Until then, enjoy some Capital Reef photos, and a fall bike ride video featuring Marathon Man Leonard and my Lovely Soulmate/Hiking-Biking Partner, Bobbie. This is a video from back in Lovely Ouray (snow on the ground now... hee hee), from when the trees were just starting to turn.

To watch in low bandwidth, simply click the top video in the right hand side column. Double click that video, or, click this link to watch it in high def on Youtube.

I hope you have a great day and check back to see what happens to CowBoy (snicker).

I could live here


  1. Glad you all got caught up to each other before it snows in Utah.

  2. I'm gluten-free and fruit-free right now so your description of peach and cherry pies is torture! Glad you guys enjoyed them though, and I'll take note of the bakery name just in case I'm allowed to eat cherry pie again.

  3. they tried to kill me! Like a drowned rat in a 3000 foot deep ditch!!! :)

    Heidi takes me on airplanes ( I don't fly any more)on friday the 13th... to get on a ship that SANK the first time they took it out!

    I should learn!

    Now...they take a desert and high mountain cowboy...that swims like a fishing weight... and walks like a teeter totter with a busted hinge... up a trail that is mostly WATER!!!

    But I persevered and survived... with 365 pics to sort through to tell the story!!! ;)

    as soon as I wake up from the drug and two beer induced coma ,sweetened with peach pie :) , to calm the crippled parts that are screamin' at me tonight! :)

  4. Gaelyn,
    Don't mention the S word... I'm liking summer clothes :))

    Pam and Wayne,
    There can't be too much gluten in those pies as the are sugar topped and fruit filled. Just leave the crust on the bottom. Where there's a will theres a way. :))

    CowBoy Brian,
    There is no shame in limping out of Heaven's Chasm... I'm a little rusted up too, Had to stop at the ol' Bit and Spur for a little "pain killer." :))
    A big thanks to Ms Heidi... we finally crossed "Wall Street" off our bucket list. On the the Subway, now... I hear you must do some swimming in that canyon so I need to get those sissy pants you wore :))
    Thanks for comments,
    Mark and Bobbie In Zion National Park.


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