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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Official, I'm A Geezer

We interrupt the BCB Timeline for this special real time report (insert breaking news music here).

While sitting around at our little pie-fest in Goldie's Kitchen/Bar/Grille,  we were invited to join The Reluctant CowBoy and "Just Do It" Ms Heidi to hike up the Narrows in Zion. Nothing like Cherry Pie and beer. I can't believe I'm saying this, but we were... uh... hesitant... to take them up on it and left it at, "if were not there at 11 AM, go without us." Here's why.

We have attempted to hike Zion's Narrows twice before, once in October of 1999, and last year in November. Both times we were forced to turn around due to the ice cold water. We made it an hour the first time before our feet quit working. Last year we lost control of our lower extremities after only thirty minutes, and waddled out with tails between painful legs and blue feet. 

So we woke up yesterday and Bobbie says, "Hey, Good Lookin', what do you want for your birthday?" I don't like birthdays anymore, so I had forgotten all about it. But, evidently, I knew what I wanted because the words fell out of my mouth before I could screen them. "I want to hike clear into the Narrow's Wall Street with CowBoy and Ms Heidi... and this time I want to make it come hell or cold water." It was a "now," or "never" statement... as well as my birthday, which reminded me that I'm not getting any younger, so Bobbie had no choice! It's official, I'm now a Geezer. Uncle Sam assures me that my "check is in the mail," and that it won't bounce for a few more years. I better enjoy it while I can :((

We are cheapskates, so that we stopped at Zion Outdoor Recreation/Adventure/Give Us Your Hard Earned Money to rent insulated socks and boots is an indication of my determination to get this cross Bucket List item crossed off... once and for all... even if it meant ice skating up the cold dark depths of a slot canyon to get it done.

So I take note that CowBoy Brian is renting waterproof sissy pants at the Give Us Your Hard Earned Money place. Hummm, an extra 39 bucks. Nope. I'd rather die of hypothermia. Just give me the boots and socks (twenty one bucks... times two). The gear made a slight difference, but it helped that the water was warmer than ever before, so warm that we could have made it without the gear (@%$  *&@^  %*!). 

Oh well, The Beast is finally conquered... here's the "Death Certificate" photos to prove it. They will tide you over... until you can get here.

"Let's see here... that will be 21 bucks for the booties and socks, and 39 for the Sissy Pants." Woof!

Bobbie and Heidi don't need not stinking long pants :))

Brian's slick new Nikon Camera... a little risky bringing it into the narrows with all the deep holes and slick rocks

Looking up, there isn't but a sliver of sky... deep in the Narrows.

Speaking of "deep..." Brian tests the water proofness of his rental pants.

And afterwards, my Birthday rewards continue at the Bit and Spur in Springdale. Beers,  Monday Night Football, and desert... a tart Berry Crisp ala mode. Jovial clown Kokopelli plays his flute and does a little B-day fertility dance. Gee, I hope he doesn't reverse my vasectomy:))   All is well in God's Country. Wish all my reader friends could be here, as well as my "homies." You know who you are. 


  1. Happy Birthday! And thanks for the awesome pictures. I'm not a frequent commenter, but I always enjoy coming here and seeing the pics that you post here.

  2. Lost Ann,
    Glad you "found" me :)) Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment...
    mark, the b'day boy... for a day, anyway.

  3. Happy Birthday, many more happy and healthy ones!

  4. Happy Birthday Uncle Mark! The photos don't quite tide me over, but they will still have to do. Keep them coming!

  5. Happy Birthday Mark!
    What a spectacular hike trough the Narrows, with all the color variations of sky, water, sun reflecting light, and deepness of the canyon. Good to see Brian and Heidi enjoying the stroll through the chilly water. Cake and ice cream always taste delicious after a hike and going 62 years.

  6. Happy birthday Mark! Keep on truckin' penpal.

  7. Every year we get closer to that hike to Ice Lake when I will still be ten years older. Hope I can join you. Have a Happy Birthday.

    PS... Done that water hike in the Narrows for about 200 to 300 yards when my feet went numb. Wimped out and claimed a victory. :-))

  8. Definitely enjoyed the great pics... as close to that hike as I will be for a long while... Broke my ankle after twisting it coming off the steps...Getting older can be for the birds, Glad you had a memorable birthday!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Mark! October is a great month for birthdays. Have been enjoying all of your beautiful Utah pictures and look forward to more as the winter snows settle in.

  10. Happy Birthday! And what a wonderful way to spend it, with a bunch of geezers. You met the challenge. Looks like the water was pretty low but I see everyone is bundled so hope you didn't freeze anything. The sissy pants look a little over the top. Yet the shoes are a bonus. I love that hike.

  11. Happy birthday! I hope you stopped at the Zion VC to get your lifetime geezer pass to all federal lands. You have arrived!

  12. Happy Birthday and welcome to Geezerhood. Enjoyed seeing all your pictures of the slot canyon.

  13. Walden Creek Rv steveOctober 30, 2012 at 8:53 PM

    Happy Birthday- Sorry- you will never be a geezer! Well - not for a few more years!

  14. Happy birthday, Mark. Beautiful photos, as usual.


  15. OMG Beautiful hike, but no way would
    I do the cold water. Happy Birthday! and welcome to Geezerhood.

  16. Happy Birthday Mark! Spectacular photos today of a place I've only dreamed about going....but wow, the Narrows look so inviting! What a priceless place to celebrate your birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday Mark! I enjoyed your birthday walk (swim?) through the narrows. What a beautiful place. You guys never cease to amaze me with your excursions. And I can't believe Bobbie and Miss Heidi wore shorts! They are braver (crazier?) than me! Looking forward to the next item on your bucket list.

    Julie in Austin

  18. Happy Birthday Mark (albeit a bit belated). I was so glad to see your photos of the Narrows, as it has been closed both times I've been to Zion. Bobbie is even more of a hero than she already was for wearing shorts! Thanks again for the great scenery...and that includes your faces. Debbie

  19. KC,
    Thanks. If I'm "healthy," I'm "happy." :))

    Thank you, Nephew. We'll take you there next time you make it west :)) It's even better in person.

    John Q.
    thanks, John... Wading in ice water always makes me hungry. Go Broncos... Go Luck.

    Pen Pal Claudia,
    We will "truck on." Thanks.

    Wandrin Lloyd,
    I'm glad to hear you remember out agreement to hike up to Ice Lakes on your 80th birthday. I'm holding you to it... even if we must camp out. :))
    I can understand wimping out on the Narrows hike. Feet aren't supposed to be blue.

    Kib explores,
    oh no... sorry about your ankle! Hope it heals up ok and that you get back to normal soon. Meanwhile, we'll try to keep you entertained and suggest some Bucket List places to go. Take care, now, and let us know how you're healing up.

    Chris and Mindy,
    Thanks guys... enjoy the "off season" chris... hee hee. Time to retire mindy!!!!

    Thank you! Geezers Rock! The water was lower than before... that helped a lot. So does being tall :))

    I haven't yet, but I am going to get the geezer pass while here. It's a great deal. thanks, g.

    Donna K,
    I appreciate that... keep coming back for more :))

    Walden Steve,
    Geezer is a relative term... Bobbie and I are not yet grey like you :)) Then we'll be geezers.

    Spotted Dog,
    Good to hear from you Chinle. We passed thru you stomping grounds... wondering what you were up to. Bobbie finished all three of you books on the Kindle and really enjoyed them...
    I'm going to get to them soon, promise :))
    Take care, I hope we can cross paths someday.

    Jean and Skip,
    Thank you... if we can do it, you can do it :))

    Thanks, I hope you do the narrows. It was really surreal. A great way to spend my b day for sure.

    No swimming... but brian almost fell under a couple of times :)) I wore shorts too... It wasn't bad (snicker)

    Thanks, fellow lazy dazed. And that you lumped our faces in with the good scenery, well, now I don't trust your judgement anymore :))
    Enjoy the southern western tip of the USA... so warm and watery.

  20. Happy birthday, Mark (a little belated, but just as sincere).

    I'll be 60 on Nov. 20. I sure don't feel old.

  21. What a great birthday! The time I tried to hike the narrows, I only got about 10 feet. Thanks for doing it for me and the wonderful pictures. Now I don't have to.

  22. Travel Bug,
    Thank you!!
    And you don't look a day over 30 :)) Or is that your daughter in that picture :))
    Thanks, Mark

    Barbara and Ron,
    Ten feet? Rent the shoes and try again... they do help.
    Thanks guys,

  23. Mark,
    Happy Birthday....holy crap, I've hiked that in the summertime and the water was cold then!

    Don't know if you read an earlier comment but I'm going to celbrate my 66th year (and retirment), by sailing the Northwest Passage next year,


  24. Dick,
    Wow! That sounds like a great trip... can we go????
    At 66 you are a little older than I am, but you are younger than Bobbie... and she is going strong. Age is often more of an state of mind... an attitude. Can we run as fast, jump as high? No. But we can still skip!!!
    Keep us posted on all your adventures, big and small. And thanks for commenting on my Birthday!!

  25. Mark,
    The only thing that keeps me from moving out west is my love for the sea.
    If you have climbed alone, you have a sense of what singlehanded sailing is like.

  26. Dick... I guess I didn't realize you were soloing!!! I hope you will share that experience somehow someway...
    I'd love for my readers to experience such an adventure, at least through photos and words. Keep us posted!

  27. I hope to video a lot of the trip. I wont be singlehanded on that trip though.

    I'm trying to convince my wife to get out to Ouray in the spring with me. I have always talked about, and shown pictures of, riding a road bike over the mountain and down into Silverton, but she needs to see it for herself.



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