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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We'll Take You There

I feel like a little kid on a new tricycle... coasting down the driveway, feet off a blur of pedals, eyes big as silver dollars.

It is intoxicating, beyond the effects of any designer drug, to finally be on the downhill slide to a brand new RV lifestyle. We are on the cusp of pointing ole Goldie's grill west into a John Ford sunset and giving her the reins. 

After a flash-in-the-pan summer (blink), working jobs that split attentions between heart's desires, treadmills and time-clocks, there is now about my being an "unbearable lightness." Shoulders and steps are cheerful with anticipation, and a speck of drool forms in the corner of a big Cheshire grin.

Maybe now, I will live in the now... wrap my ever-loving long arms around each and every morsel of time. Maybe now I will appreciate cloudy days for their gifts of shade and rain. Maybe now I will see glasses half full... take my size 14 foot off the gas and just "Let it be!"  

My Sonoran Desert childhood stomping grounds await adult exploration. I have unscheduled appointments... portrait sessions with gangly armed Saguaros, Coyote blues concerts, boondock camps, and viewings of spring poppies that dazzle uncluttered minds. 

And it begins in about a week, with a meander through the most diverse state star on Old Glory, Utah

On a scratchy FM, way out in the middle of somewhere gloriously unfit for crowds, Steppenwolf belts out an appropriate theme song...

Get your motor runnin' 
Head out on the highway 
Lookin' for adventure 
And whatever comes our way 
Yeah Darlin' go make it happen 
Take the world in a love embrace 
Fire all of your guns at once 
And explode into space 

I like smoke and lightning 
Heavy metal thunder 
Racin' with the wind 
And the feelin' that I'm under 
Yeah Darlin' go make it happen 
Take the world in a love embrace 
Fire all of your guns at once 
And explode into space 

Like a true nature's child 
We were born, born to be wild 
We can climb so high 
I never want to die 

Born to be wild 
Born to be wild

We hope to "cross paths" with like minded people, finally take that mountain bike ride with pal Boonie, share a hike and a happy hour with Wandrin Lloyd, spin yarns with CowBoy Brian and Heidi, shake hands and have a beer with readers yet un-met. I hope you will follow along right here. This is going to be pretty, and fun.


  1. Wow!!!! What a beautiful post of all you are looking forward to. I'm looking forward to your future posts on here of your new soon to e life style. Happy trails and safe travels.
    ~Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

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  3. So happy for you both and Goldie, too! I'm excited to read all about your adventures this winter. Have a great time.
    Grace (in Tucson)

  4. Aah, Utah, one of our favorite states. Hope you two have a wonderful winter in Goldie!

  5. Congratulations Life is definitely better on the road.
    I have enjoyed you blog and hope to meet you down the road somewhere.

  6. Only a week, how very cool. I'm only at the North Rim another 12 days then head further south. Sure hope to meet you somewhere in the desert, or beyond.

  7. Mark,
    Love your post and photos! The song is so apropos for where you're heading.

    We'd love to meet you and Bobbie and head out on a hike when we're in the same vicinity.

    One of my favorite road songs is Tom Petty's "Runnin' Down a Dream."

    Enjoy the rest of your week at your old home and get ready to rock 'n' roll down the road.


  8. Bj,
    That's great... I hope you do come along. Going to google Milwaukie, Oregon... I'm stumped.

    Thank you Grace!
    Tucson is one of our second home locales. Just wonderful there....

    Jim and Gayle,
    If your plan's get changed, you know where to find us :))

    Thanks for commenting... and always good to know someone out there enjoys the BCB. Let's do cross paths down the road!

    Let's look for each other...
    I've been enjoying your photos of the Grand Canyon... You've captured all its moods.

    Travel Bug,
    Thank you. A hike with you sounds great! I'm sure our "vicinities" will eventually merge.

  9. Don't forget about us! We are currently in Zion and will be here for another 10+ days as we await a part for the truck. The tentative plan is to head east to see the Wave, Antaloupe Canyon, Buckskin, something like that. Or maybe a condor or two. And then slowly head South and end up in SaguaroLand for the Winter. Something like that. You know how it goes. I read parts of your post out loud to Maikel and he has a big smile on his face. He is chanting... "Mark & Bobbie. Mark & Bobbie. Mark & Bobbie."
    Lots of huggs - Susan W.

  10. Wise Ones...
    Oh... My... GOD!
    You Guys... Hardly a month goes by but what one of us wonders out loud... "wonder what the Wise One's are up to?" And now you've resurfaced... on the road, of all places, and you are in Zion, and will be wintering in saguaro land. I have a big smile that one-ups Maikel's. :))

    This is a wonderful development. We could never forget you, BTW.
    and as a tease,
    We are spending all of November at Zion River RV Resort. The have a snowbird special for 425 per month which we have taken advantage of numerous times (when off treadmills). BLM land surrounds the park, with views of Zion... excellent biking, walking, hiking, and Boondocking, if you are not into Resorts.

    It's in Virgin... just 15 minutes from the Park. I'm just say'in... the weather is pretty good... the leaves will be turning... and there's a hot tub :))
    We'll be headed down to Saguaro land, tho, later on.
    Can't wait,
    mark and bobbie

  11. Fantastic pictures and great posting.
    Anticipation of the new rv lifestyle. It is amazing just to wander, explore, see new places and meet new faces.
    No matter where we travel we have ended up in southern Arizona somewhere/everywhere for the last years.
    Enjoy your journey!

  12. George and Suzie,
    Gracious! Arizona is where we will be... it's not always weather perfect, but man-o-man, the desert is so amazing. Enjoy your trip down :)), and come over for a beer if you spot our boondock.
    thanks, mark

  13. This was such a great post to read. Brings back some of the excitement I felt when we first hit the road. We also love Utah but it's the desert of AZ that wins my heart.

  14. Jim and Sandie,
    Living a "go and come home" RV life like we do, I guess I haven't lost that Newbie exhilaration... the preparation, packing up, and countdown to changing locations. I think it keeps the fires hot... anxious to leave, anxious to return home, anxious to leave again, one begetting the other like a loop de loop yo yo. Sometimes I wonder if passion gets jaded by routine and travel ruts in a long term full time RV lifestyle. Maybe someday I will find out :))
    Thank you for you kind comment.


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